Pawprint-25px Animal Healing Meditations, Volume I

By Kathleen Prasad

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I’ve created this meditation audio especially for you and your animals. The meditations will help you to tune into and connect energetically with your animals, with the natural world around you and with that deep inner space of peace and strength within yourself. It is this inner peace and strength that you can draw upon when your animal is facing any kind of healing challenge—be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. These meditations come from my book Reiki for Dogs, published in 2012 by Ulysses Press-- however I have slightly adapted the meditations for this audio to be used with animals of any species.

I hope that practicing the exercises in this audio will help you to remember your beautiful and powerful inner nature. For each of these meditations, please set aside 20 minutes to be with your animal in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.  

The meditations mp3 audios are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • The Healing Space Meditation
  • The Healing Bridge Meditation
  • The Healing Koi and Water Meditation
  • The Willow and Wind Meditation
  • The Moonlight Beacon Meditation
  • The Sun Illumination Meditation


Click on the Play Button to hear a free 2-minute sample from the "The Healing Space Meditation".



Note: Each meditation is about 20 minutes in length, and within each meditation there are sections of time where there is no sound--one, two, three, or four minute silences in between the words spoken. These silent portions of the audios are designed to help you to go inward, to that quiet, peaceful space inside yourself.

Purchase Options:

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Animal Healing Meditations, Volume I - Cost: $39
Includes the Introduction audio and all 6 meditation mp3s
Individual Meditations - Cost: $10
Each separate meditation comes with the Introduction audio. These files are in .zip file and must be downloaded to a computer first and uncompressed.
The Healing Space Meditation + Intro $10
The Healing Bridge Meditation + Intro $10
The Healing Koi and Water Meditation + Intro $10
The Willow and Wind Meditation + Intro $10
The Moonlight Beacon Meditation + Intro $10
The Sun Illumination Meditation + Intro $10



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