Foundational Teleclasses to Strengthen All Levels of Practitioners


Be a peaceful warrior for the animals!

Offering Reiki to animals requires strength, courage and grounding, but also gentleness, lightness and an open heart and mind. This special series of teleclasses illuminate how traditional Reiki practices can support and deepen these qualities within ourselves as we offer our service to the animals of the world.

These audio courses are suitable for practitioners of each designated level, as well as higher trained practitioners and teachers wishing to renew and strengthen their foundational practices and explore how these techniques relate to animal work.

Note: All 3 courses can be purchased for a $100 discount.

Discount option: Purchase all 3 courses (9 hours of audio) for $650

Solid Techniques for Level 1 Shoden AnimalReiki Practitioners

Audio Course 1: Solid Techniques for Level 1 Shoden Animal Reiki Practitioners

Prerequisite: Reiki 1 or more in any lineage

Cost: $150


Week 1: Meaning of Reiki, why it is Ideal for Animals, the system of Reiki/history, self-treatment, precepts and bringing in the animals
Week 2: Discussing energy centers as they relate to animal Reiki practice as well as the Japanese concepts of Earth/Sky/Connection
Week 3: Discussing Animal Approach: setting intention, signs of acceptance; a typical animal response, golden rules, intuition during treatment, being the best practitioner you can be


Enlightening Tools for Level 2 Okuden Animal Reiki Practitioners

Course 2: Enlightening Tools for Level 2 Okuden Animal Reiki Practitioners

Prerequisite: Reiki 2 or more in any lineage

Tuition: $250


Week 1: System of Reiki overview, importance of self-treatment, precepts and meditation as they relate to animal practice
Week 2: CKR and SHK: Earth and Heaven Energy: finding balance and harmony, Japanese teachings and also use with animals (state of mind/focus/intention)
Week 3: HSZSN: Connection and compassion and the animal Reiki treatment, ethical considerations for the Professional Practitioner


Course 3: Anshin (Peaceful Heart, Peaceful Mind) for Level 3 Shinpiden Animal Reiki Practitioners and Teachers

Prerequisite: Reiki 3 in any lineage

Tuition: $350


Week 1: Adopting the Reiki 3 point of view--opening to totem animals-- meditations with the Reiki symbols/mantras and precepts, dedication to self-practice, gifts of Reiki extending into everyday life, importance of daily practice with animals, animals as teachers
Week 2: DKM—Exploring “Being” Reiki through letting go and openness, listening and role of intuition
Week 3: Refining Techniques for Animal Reiki Teachers


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