kathleen prasad, founder of animal reiki source sits with tucker a huge rescue cow at the catskills animal sanctuary
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Kathleen Prasad
is the world’s Animal Reiki pioneer and creator of the Let Animals Lead® method. This groundbreaking approach to energy healing empowers animals by honoring their agency, wisdom and independence.

Animal Reiki Source is about healing using meditation

The Let Animals Lead® method (developed by Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source) is not just a unique, animal-guided approach to Reiki for animals, it’s also a gentle path to help humans and animals live together with more balance, peace and happiness.

Here at Animal Reiki Source, you’ve come to the world’s leading resource of all things Animal Reiki:

Want to get certified as a Let Animals Lead® Practitioner?
Level 1 Online Certification Let Animals Lead® Morning Session (Next session starts January 2, 2023)
Level 1 Online Certification Let Animals Lead® Evening Session (Next session starts January 2, 2023)
On-demand course study in meditating with animals.

Already a Reiki Practitioner and just want to learn the most effective and ethical way to share Reiki with animals?
Animal Reiki Core Curriculum Certification Course (formerly the Online Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum)
On-demand course study in the foundational teachings of Let Animals Lead® Method.

By learning this proprietary method of energy healing, you’ll be able to help animals by transforming their stress and discomfort into peace and wellbeing. Meditating with animals opens the door to the vast healing power of our mindful, compassionate presence.

Kathleen’s books The Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki Meditation JournalThe Let Animals Lead® 21-Day Meditation Challenge, Healing Virtues, Reiki for Dogs and Heart to Heart with Horses are empowering, innovative and deeply healing guides to creating soul-aligning relationships with animals. Here are all Kathleen’s books about Animal Reiki and her Let Animals Lead® Method.

animal reiki source founder kathleen prasad feeding her dog

Create Peaceful, Healing Energy for Animals Now

kathleen prasad sharing animal reiki with horses
Kathleen Prasad cuddling with a cat
Kathleen Prasad with a snake around her neck

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