Animal Reiki Source Newsletter: Summer 2014

15 Reasons
You Might Be an Animal Reiki Practitioner

By Kathleen Prasad

*Inspired by Jeff Foxworthy’s “Reasons You Might Be A Redneck.” 


Photo © 2014 Kendra Luck


  1. You love offering Reiki treatments, but the sight of a massage table makes you nervous.

  2. After a Reiki treatment, your clothes are often covered in hair and/or drool.

  3. Your favorite way to meditate is walking in nature with your dog.

  4. Feral animals seem to follow you wherever you go.

  5. Your “go to” solution for ant, flea or mouse problems is Reiki.

  6. Your cat gets moody if you miss your daily meditation.

  7. Your dog lies down at your feet immediately upon hearing Japanese flute music.

  8. Your rabbit chooses Reiki over carrots.

  9. Your parrot has memorized all of the Reiki chants.

  10. You call your pet snake Ssssensei.

  11. Alligators aren’t scary to you; in fact, they are terrific meditation partners.

  12. You missed the fireworks this year because you were meditating with your animals.

  13. Your dog doesn’t fetch the newspaper; he fetches a paper listing the 5 Precepts whenever you seem stressed.

  14. You learned the meaning of the Buddhist term “monkey mind” from a real monkey.

  15. Your horse handed you a blue ribbon when you finally learned to just “let go and let Reiki.”



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