an announcement for the pet lovers' summit 2022 with kathleen prasad

Ready to nurture a healthy, happy furry family: body, mind and spirit? I’m super excited that my SARA co-founder Leah D’Ambrosio and I are both speakers in an upcoming

FREE Pet Lover’s Summit!!

21 Experts. 21 Days.
Life Changing Information.
June 27 – July 17

Every day, for 21 days, you will receive bite sized videos (20-30 minutes each). These are interviews with people in the forefront of animal care; Holistic Veterinarians, Animal Communicators, Animal Therapy Musicians & so much more. Each guest speaker offers you a deeper way to nurture your animal family, in mind, body & Spirit!

Click HERE to claim your FREE ticket today!

I’ll be speaking on Animal Reiki of course, and “Letting the Animals Lead,” and here are just a few of the other amazing speakers you’ll also be learning from, including some familiar names:

• Allen Schoen, DVM (who wrote the forward of my Heart to Heart with Horses book)

• Christina Chambreau, DVM (who is one of the veterinarians I interviewed for my Vets on Animal Reiki book)

• Leah D’Ambrosio will be speaking on the power of CBD for our animals!

Scroll down to see more information on these speakers – and CLICK HERE to see the list of all the speakers and sign up!

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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