2nd Annual Animal Reiki Retreat at BrightHaven

Pawprint-25px  Animal Reiki Retreat at BrightHaven

Join Kathleen and the special animal teachers at BrightHaven for this special summer weekend retreat, open to all my students of all levels. If you’ve taken at least one of my classes in the past, you are eligible!

Precepts, Elements, Chanting and Listening

When: July 20 and 21, 2013, 10am-5pm both days.
Cost: $250/person, 50% donated to BrightHaven

As most of you know, the center of my Reiki training program resides at BrightHaven, a holistic sanctuary located at a picturesque ranch in northern California, with a resident population of senior and special needs animals of many species. The lessons my students and I have learned together from the animals here (and their amazing human caretakers) are many, the memories of time spent with the animals run deep, the healings experienced and witnessed have been profound. I imagined in the beginning of my days here that I would be bringing healing to BrightHaven, and yet have also found myself changed and healed by the animals. The peaceful, profound energy of BrightHaven touches all who visit, and when experienced in the space of Reiki seems to deepen exponentially. It remains with us long after we leave.

Class Description:

Kathleen will offer students healing Reiju, as well as lead the class in various meditations and healing circles. Kathleen will also share personal stories about her animal teachers and talk about the importance of our approach when working with animals.

Discussions will focus on the topics of:

  • precepts: new ways to deepen our connection with this central element of Reiki practice
  • elements: how the five elements can deepen our Reiki connections with the animals
  • chanting: how sound can enrich our connection to Reiki energy
  • listening: ways or practice which support and honor animals as our teachers

There will be plenty of time for animal treatment.

Class size is limited, sign up now!

Paying by Check:

Contact Kathleen at [email protected] and let her know you are sending your check by mail so she can hold your space in the

Please make your check payable to:
Animal Reiki Source
369B Third St., #156
San Rafael, CA 94901

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