Have you seen Kickstarter? This amazing crowdfunding site lets you support a variety of creative projects for very little cash. Kickstarters set a financial goal (say, $1,000) and a target deadline. People then start sending donations—and the person behind the campaign gets to keep all that cash (and more) if they hit or exceed their financial goal by their target date. And, of course, if you have an idea for a project of your own, you can launch a campaign on Kickstarter, too!

Though some of the projects can be, ahem, a little bit strange (such as “Pug-let: The First All-Pug Production of Hamlet” and “A Dr. Who Concept Rap Album”—OK, I admit I’d probably watch/listen to both!), the following are actually some really solid ideas and goals I’d like to see come to fruition—some even help animals, too! Just this past Tuesday on Kickstarter, Walkzee, a free online platform that matches shelter dogs needing walks with “dog lovers looking for a walking buddy,” surpassed its $20,000 goal! I look forward to seeing the Walkzee site someday soon. Here are a few more projects that look interesting:

1. RoundOut: The Social Giving App: RoundOut would be a free mobile app that makes it easy to give daily “micro donations” to your favorite nonprofits every time you use your credit or debit card. Simply round up to the next nickel, dime, quarter or dollar, and the app donates that amount to the charity of your choice. This idea just makes sense! Days left to raise funds: Until 10 p.m. EST tonight 

2. Protecting Endangered Species: This Kickstarter will support a college junior’s trip to Costa Rica to study endangered species as part of a wildlife conservation research project. I hope she makes it! Days left to raise funds: 1

3. The Best Raw and Vegan Chocolate: A special project after my own chocoholic heart! The funds sought for this Kickstarter will be used to grow an already existing business called CocoCaravan. Their chocolate is totally raw, “all vegan, no refined sugars, no additives.” Yum. Days left to raise funds: 10

4. Wild Horses of Northern Nevada: This Kickstarter seeks $5,000 to produce professional photographs and calendars of these wild horses. Click here to see the beautiful horses and learn more about the project, which ultimately raises awareness of these beautiful creatures fighting for survival. Days left to raise funds: 3

5. The Farm Stand Project: This New Jersey-based project is all about creating “a space where neighbors meet and collaborate around food—a model of sustainability based on old-world tradition.” Days left to raise funds: 14

Have a peek at the Kickstarter site. Which projects stand out to you?


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