Do you ever get the feeling you and your dog are eerily similar? I mean, sometimes I think I have more in common with my huge four-footed furry baby than I do with humans! All joking aside, here are five amazing ways we really just get each other:

1. We both love the outdoors! Take us outside—the barn, the woods, the beach … we’re both happiest and most at peace when out in nature and in the sunshine and fresh air.

2. I love being around people sometimes … but I also crave my alone time. Mystic and I definitely share this trait in common. (She probably likes her alone time a little more than I even do!)

3. We both have a favorite go-to napping spot. Hers: the dog bed in the living room sunshine. Mine: our couch right next to her dog bed in the same pool of sunshine.

Kathleen and Mystic
Kathleen and Mystic

4. Mystic and I both LOVE to sleep in, although we rarely get the chance to! I am definitely not a morning person, and, luckily, neither is my dog.

5. Mystic and I both have a favorite “treat”: baked goods! Seriously, we go crazy over anything baked: cookies, scones, muffins, banana bread, cake … the list goes on. If it’s sweet and it’s baked, it’s our favorite!

OK, now I’m dying to hear: How are you exactly like your dog?

{P.S. An interesting piece on the science behind why pets look exactly like their owners. (Come on, you know it’s true!)}

Photo of Kathleen and Mystic © Lexie Cataldo

5 thoughts on “5 ways I’m exactly like my dog”

  1. I LOVE that photo of you with Mystic. You two are so in love! I always wonder how and why I end up choosing my dog Astro. It always amazes me that we have these things in common:

    1. We both think everyone is our friend (even though they don’t seem to feel that way!).
    2. We both have a hard time focusing.
    3. We are both not so sensitive physically and can tolerate pain pretty well. :X
    4. We love to stay clean.
    5. We are both silly and clumsy!

    But a friend did make a comment that if my husband was a dog, he would look exactly like Astro, haha!

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