By Mary Destri

Samantha came into my life when she was 8 years old, and we had over 8 wonderful years together. She was quite the comedian in her day. When she would yawn, I would make a yawning “sound effect” during her yawn, and before long, she was doing “meowing yawns,” with a long, loud “eeeooowww” emanating from her every time she yawned. newsletter_jan05-samDespite the countless times I witnessed this over the years, it never ceased to cause me to double over laughing, which she loved.
She was also a diligent alarm clock backup. I awoke on many weekend mornings to a furry paw softly tapping me on my cheek, and a very concerned furry face staring at me, worried that I was sleeping in. I would mumble to her that we could sleep in that day, give her a hug, turn over and go back to sleep. What a special girl she was, and she is missed dearly, but I know that she is in a better place.

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