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A Special World Animal Reiki Day Gift for You!

Animals are wise and sentient spiritual beings who deserve our respect and kindness. This is a message at the foundation of all the Let Animals Lead® method teachings. This sentiment also inspired me to create (in 2016) World Animal Reiki Day: an annual, shared and worldwide event and celebration to honor animals as teachers and healers.

Mark your calendars dear friends:

Our 6th Annual World Animal Reiki Day, Feb 5, 2021 is just over 2 weeks away!

Be sure to follow Shelter Animal Reiki Association’s FB for this year’s virtual events and shares that will happen during the whole week! This year, our theme is inspired by The World Animal Reiki Day Prayer, that honors with gratitude all species of animals all over the world. Find out more and learn how to create your own celebration HERE.

Join me, in appreciation and with love for my Animal Reiki community, during February’s:

Animal Reiki Talk: Celebrating World Animal Reiki Day

Tuesday, Feb. 2
6PM Pacific time

As a special gift for my beloved community around the world, during this time, we’ll celebrate World Animal Reiki Day! I’ll be guiding a special healing circle for the animals of the world, followed by a virtual, healing Reiju for all participants.

Reiju is one of the beautiful teachings of the system of Reiki, and I don’t often offer them outside of certification courses, however this is a special celebration!

By performing Reiju, we are creating a sacred space of Oneness, where teacher and student are together in the light of the universe. In this light, there is no separateness, no giver and no receiver. By creating this sacred space, we will realize that in the light of the universe, there is nothing to do, nothing to give—only being together. By opening to this sacred space, we can more easily experience our own connection to Source and dive deeply into the essence of our inner light of wisdom and compassion. In this light, all healing possibility exists. In this light, we remember our essence. This ritual is a very powerful way to energetically experience the inner heart of spiritual energy, or

Please accept this spiritual blessing from my heart to yours, in honor of World Animal Reiki Day: Hope to see you there!

Stay safe, be well, and may the animals light your way,

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