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Animal Reiki Source - Kathleen Prasad

Earn money while spreading Kathleen Prasad’s message that animals are healers and teachers to us, and Animal Reiki meditation holds the key to deepening our healing bond with the animals we love! offers the first and most in-depth curriculum in the world that teaches Reiki meditation as the foundation for healing connections with animals. Kathleen’s unique and groundbreaking approach challenges us to approach all Reiki sessions with the Let Animals Lead® method. This requires the development of internal qualities such as patience, trust, gratitude and compassion. Students learn that it is only through personal spiritual development that we can improve our healing connections with animals, and Kathleen’s teachings provide a clear and easy path from “doing” Reiki, to “being” Reiki with animals.

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  • Popularity of Kathleen is known as the leading teacher of Animal Reiki around the world and is well-loved by her students, so it’s easy to promote her classes! She has written several books on Animal Reiki, including Healing Virtues, Heart To Heart With Horses, and Reiki for Dogs, all highly rated on Amazon.  A passionate animal advocate and highly trained Reiki Teacher, Kathleen brings 20 years of experience in the field with animals and hundreds of hours of professional human Reiki training together to create a new way forward with Reiki that is ethical and honoring of animals. She is a regular contributor to Dogs Naturally Magazine, Reiki News Magazine and Natural Horse Magazine. She’s also been featured in many Reiki podcasts and blogs over the years. Through her nonprofit, Shelter Animal Reiki Association, she’s been able to teach at many animal organizations such as BrightHaven, The CARE Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, The Elephant Sanctuary, The San Francisco SPCA, Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary, The Devoted Barn, Catskill Animal Sanctuary and more.

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