Animal Reiki for Dogs

Dogs are part of the family, and when they’re ailing, everyone is affected. The Let Animals Lead® method is a powerful way to support balance, healing, peace and harmony, for all conditions and situations. Whatever the issues your dogs face, with Animal Reiki you never have to feel powerless again! CLICK HERE for a special guided audio course based on Kathleen’s beloved book, Reiki for Dogs. 

Check out these articles for practical tips and meditations to help get you started on using reiki for your dog. All you need to begin this journey are two things: your intention to offer this healing connection and your dog’s acceptance. With these two simple ingredients, you can unlock the door to Reiki healing possibility. Read on to find out more.

kathleen prasad and amanda ree of sama dog

A Beautiful Course for Your Dog’s Health

Today I want to let you know about a special course created and hosted by my friend and founder of Sama Dog, Amanda Ree. Amanda and I are true kindred spirits! We share a passion for helping animals and a deep commitment to the power of natural healing. Amanda is a gifted teacher and sensitive soul who dedicates her life to helping dogs through natural remedies. I’ll be Amanda’s featured guest in the final week’s lesson of this course and hope to see you there! In this class, Amanda shares her specialized …
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How Animals Bless, Change and Heal Us

With all the challenges that today’s pandemic-reality world presents us, what a blessing our animals give us by their comforting, loving presence. It’s wonderful to be able to spend so much time bonding with them, isn’t it? I know many of you also have chosen this time at home to foster or adopt a special animal in need. I’ve created a special meditation to support this new relationship and the “new home” adjustment. CLICK HERE to watch. Please let me know what you think in the video comments! In honor of …
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The Art of the Perfect Animal Reiki Session

What qualities create the ideal Animal Reiki session where animals are honored as equal partners and allowed to lead their own healing process? I know what I’ve found to be most important, and I’ve shared it with you here on this special infographic. I’ve created this as a special gift to encourage and inspire you! As you can see, my idea of a “perfect” session isn’t about expectations of how the animal should behave or focused on specific healing outcomes. It’s not focused on hand positions or traditional practitioner protocol. Rather, the …
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Learning to be animal-centric in my approach to Reiki

Who are the animals who teach you the most about Reiki? My very first Reiki teacher was my sweet dog, Dakota – an Aussie-mix and the smartest dog I’ve ever known. In those days, I only knew how to share Reiki from a “human-centric” approach. In other words, I tried to use hand positions and focus on problem areas the way I did with myself and with my human friends. Dakota and other animals, such as the shelter dogs I was volunteering with, often walked away from me or showed discomfort when …
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Reiki Meditation to Help Your Dog Through Orthopedic Issues

Almost all of us who have dogs have experienced working with them through orthopedic injuries or ailments at one time or another. Many of us have rescued dogs who may have come to us injured. Others of us may have dogs who have faced ordeals such as surgery or a long rehabilitation due to orthopedic issues. Healing can take a long time, and issues are often chronic and painful, which takes a toll on us as their loving caregivers, and can also cause stress in our dogs. The system of Reiki …
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My Journey with Reiki

I learned to practice Reiki in 1998. When my dog Dakota came over and sat on top of my feet during my first Reiki self-treatment, I had two incredible realizations: 1) Dakota liked the feeling of Reiki so much that he couldn’t bear to be even one foot away from me as I practiced. 2) Dakota seemed to be able to tune into the healing power of Reiki, without my having to “give” it to him. It was as if he was already fluent in a language much too subtle for me …
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The Radiance of Reiki: Simple Ways to Heal with Your Dog

The radiance of Reiki: simple ways to heal with your dog

The word Reiki can be translated as “true self,” which points towards our inner power of compassion. One of the misunderstandings of the way Reiki works is that we, as practitioners, are somehow “doing” the healing “to” someone else; however, from a traditional viewpoint, Reiki is seen as a path to rediscover our own inner self-healing power, which when practiced, can create a certain radiance of healing around us, from which others can benefit. Because dogs are so sensitive to our inner states of mind and heart, they can become easily …
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Dakota Dog Cancer Article

How Reiki can help your dog fight cancer

Unfortunately, cancer is an all too common health issue in dogs. After supporting my dearest dog Dakota through lung cancer, I learned the troubling statistic that half of all dogs over the age of 10 will be diagnosed with cancer! (source: Besides all the physical struggles that cancer and its treatment brings, there are also so many emotions we have to navigate through: fear, worry, anger and more. The healing system of Reiki is a strong ally in the fight against cancer, not only for the dogs we love, but also …
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Reiki and Dog trauma

How to create a Reiki space to help heal your dog’s trauma

Almost all of us who live with dogs have experienced working through some kind of trauma at one time or another. Many of us have dogs living in our homes who have been rescued from a bad situation. Others of us may have dogs who have been through some kind of ordeal such as a long, difficult recovery from an illness or injury. The system of Reiki gives us several tools to help us meet these challenges with grace and bring great healing potential to any situation. Reiki is a meditative …
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