Animal Reiki Healing Journeys: by Correspondence

Pawprint-25px Animal Reiki Healing Journeys:
by Correspondence



If you have learned at least Reiki I, and have an animal or animals with whom you would like to deepen your relationship, this class if for you! Begin by sending Kathleen an introductory email about you and your animal companion(s), your animal Reiki journey thus far, and your healing goals. Kathleen will then customize a program of Reiki healing for you which includes:

  • 4 distant treatments offered to you and your animal(s).
  • 3 lessons (sent once a week for 3 weeks) detailing subjects such as the importance of your approach, learning to listen to your animal, what to expect during a typical treatment, and healing possibilities/issues to be aware of.
  • A customized program of Reiki treatments for you to offer to your animal(s) and/or relationship with your animal(s). Kathleen will offer specifics on how to set up the best conditions to open the way for healing to happen for the highest good for you and your animal(s).
  • Email support: Kathleen will be available to answer questions and give feedback on issues that arise during your journey via email.

Many people have found this treatment/training combination program to be a wonderful way to transform their relationships with their animal companions, both facilitating the healing process and opening the door to greater understanding and communication with the animals we love.

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