Helpful Information About Animal Reiki

At Animal Reiki Source, we’ve got knowledge, experience and resources to help you create a healing heart to heart connection with the animals you love! Animal Reiki isn’t something you “do” to animals, it’s about learning how to focus your mind and heart in a compassionate way to help others. We use the most respectful and gentle approach, that can help even the most sensitive or traumatized animals.

  • What is Animal Reiki?  Read this section to find out how animal Reiki and compassion are interlinked, and how your meditation practice can transform and heal your life, and the lives of the animals around you.
  • 6 Pillars of Let Animals Lead® Read this section and get set for success in your Animal Reiki practice.
    • The Approach Are you ready to share Reiki with animals? Be sure to visit this page for tips on the best ways to approach animals and their caregivers with the highest respect and sensitivity.
    • 5 Reiki Precepts Embody these precepts to find healing in all that you do, and allow the animals to teach them to you, too.
    • Code of Ethics Follow this code for a thriving and abundant animal Reiki practice.
    • Reiki for Vets Discover simple ways to incorporate Reiki as a complementary therapy in your veterinary practice.
    • Animal Communication & Reiki Find out the differences between Reiki and communication, and the ways they can work together harmoniously.
  • SARA The Shelter Animal Reiki Association is making a real healing difference for rescued animals around the world.
  • Free Audios Start your healing journey now!
  • Videos See animal Reiki in action.
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