Animal Reiki Videos

Enjoy these Animal Reiki videos – including guided meditations, real-life examples of healing sessions, and tips to improve your practice!

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Animal Reiki Meditation with Dog Energy: Honoring Others by Listening from the Heart
Animal Reiki Meditation: Embrace the World with a Compassionate Heart
Animal Reiki Meditation: Sharing Peace for All Affected by the Pandemic

Animal Reiki Meditation: Lion, Courage and Wisdom
Celebrating World Animal Reiki Day 2020 With Kathleen Prasad
Amazing Before and After Animal Reiki Video
Reiki with a Horse at BrightHaven
Reiki Peace in the Barnyard at the CARE Foundation
Reiki Chanting at Remus Horse Sanctuary
Remembering Reiki with Joey of BrightHaven
Animal Reiki Practitioners and Teachers: Just Do It!
World Animal Reiki Day Prayer
Animal Reiki Animation: Sharing Peace With Animals
Reiki Brings Peace to Shelter Dogs Video
Rescued Pitbull Leads Animal Reiki Treatment Video
Science & U!: Science and Alternative Healing
Healing Quest: Reiki For Animals
Reiki Meditation for Shelter Cats Video
Peaceful Hog Loves Reiki
Shelter Cat Gets Reiki Video
What’s the difference between meditation and Reiki?
What is the best way to share Reiki with those who have passed?
How Reiki Heals Anger at Animal Cruelty
Animals Teach Us Mindfulness Video
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