Animal Reiki Internship

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The Animal Reiki Internship: Current Session

Telemeeting Schedule: Wednesdays from 6-7PM Pacific Time

Oct. 7

Nov. 4 and 18

Dec. 2 and 16

Jan. 13 and 27

Feb. 10 and 24

Mar. 9 and 23

April 6 – Final Presentation

Prerequisite: At least Reiki 2 Certification in any lineage

Required Text: Everything Animal Reiki

Tuition: $697




 Animal Reiki is a spiritual practice of compassion for all beings. This course aims to help you find the heart of your ideal animal Reiki practice through extensive experience while gaining confidence through building community with your fellow students.

With Kathleen as your guide, this class focuses working with animals and Reiki as well as receiving support from your fellow students to help uncover your strengths and challenges as an animal Reiki practitioner. Documentation of sessions focus on creating a deeper heart connection to the animals you work with, as well as their caregivers.

This class is offered completely through email correspondence and telephone conferencing. Students should use the required text as a reference and also are given a manual that covers the basics of what animal Reiki is and what to expect in a session, practitioner approach and guidelines, methodology, ethics and typical responses. 

Upon completing all 50 sessions and other requirements, students will receive a certificate indicating completion of this course and 50 Animal Reiki Sessions.

Documented Sessions:

Each student is required to complete 35 Animal Reiki Sessions in a 6-month period. These sessions must be documented with:

  • Pre-treatment Information/Release Form
  • Practitioner Information and Observation Form
  • Post-session Photo and Collection of Caregiver Feedback

Additional Sessions:

Each student is required to complete 15 additional animal sessions on your own during the 6-month course. These need to be documented by listing:

  • Date of treatment/time/duration/animal name *Additional notes about results are optional.

Required 1-hour Telephone Group Meetings:

All students must attend:

  • 1 introductory meeting to discuss all course materials and requirements.
  • 5 monthly meetings with Kathleen to discuss case studies, student progress, questions and concerns.
  • 5 monthly meetings with the group to share experiences, discuss issues and provide support.
  • 1 conclusion meeting to present final summary questions to group.

Email Support:

Students will be given email support on an on-going, as needed basis through the 6 month period.

Final Summary Questions:

Each student must complete the final summary questions at the end of the 6-month period, to be presented at the final telephone group meeting.


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