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Get trained in your community! All teachers on this list have been certified in Level 3 Animal Reiki Teacher Training in the Let Animals Lead® method, abide by the Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics created by Kathleen Prasad, follow and promote the 6 Pillars of the Let Animals Lead® method and are currently enrolled in Kathleen Prasad’s 2023 professional development program for Teachers of Excellence. They are also members of the Let Animals Lead® Community.
Please visit each teacher’s website for certification classes in your area.

United States, Europe

United States

heather eversley a 2023 teacher of excellence sits on a grassy slope smilling with her two elderly dogs

Heather Eversley

Balanced Beings, Reiki for Animals
Animal Reiki Practitioner & Teacher, Animal Communicator

Denver, Colorado
Balanced Beings is founded on the principle that all animals deserve a pathway to healing built on love, respect and sound practices. Inspired by my own soul dog, Cody, and a deep desire to help him through his end of life health challenges, I found a home in Kathleen Prasad’s Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki. I’m now a certified teacher and practitioner. I work with animals, with a special focus on rescue horses, and I volunteer Reiki at my local animal shelter and horse rescue. I look forward to meeting you and your animal friends.

Offering: In-person and distant healing sessions; Levels 1, 2 and 3 certification classes in the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki; Animal Reiki educational presentations and workshops.
Website: www.balanced-beings.com
Email: [email protected]

paula ford a 2023 teacher of excellence shares reiki with a dog at the beach

Paula Ford

Karuna Animal Behavior Therapy, LLC
Animal Reiki Teacher, Professional Dog Trainer, Companion Animal End of Life Doula

Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Karuna Animal Behavior Therapy is a model of compassionate support for all beings toward living a shared language of cooperation, trust, and a profound bond of love and respect. Deeply affected by the suffering of animals Paula worked with each day entering shelters and rescues and painful personal grief with the loss of four senior canine family members in less than a year, Paula learned about Animal Reiki Source and Kathleen Prasad’s Let Animals Lead®️ method of Animal Reiki and completed teacher training with Kathleen. She also trained to serve as a Companion Animal End-of-Life Doula through the University of Vermont. Her training in both animal reiki and end-of-life doula support offered personal healing, growth, and inspiration.
KABT will teach you how to connect and bond with your animal and offer supportive healing centered in love, respect, and the gentle power of meditation.  

At KABT, our passion is supporting people and animals, from pre-birth through end-of-life transitions and private homes to shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries, offering them ways to transform their daily life experiences to hold more contentment, freedom, and a new, wholehearted way of partnering as compassionate, cooperative, committed allies and advocates.

Offering: In-person certification classes for Levels 1, 2, and 3 of the Let Animals Lead®️ method of Animal Reiki created by Kathleen Prasad. KABT also offers in-person and virtual professional dog training (CCPDT)—rooted in kindness and cooperative relationships—and Companion Animal End-of-Life Doula support.
Website: www.animalbehaviortherapy.com
[email protected]

Lee gidley 2023 teacher of excellence smiling and petting a white horse

Lee Gidley

Jesses Gift, LLC
Animal Reiki Teacher & Practitioner

Marietta, GA
Jesses Gift founder, Lee provides Reiki to animal companions and their owners. She believes that we all have an innate ability to heal ourselves and, with our help, any animals can enjoy harmony and peace within their body, mind and soul!  Lee understands from personal experience—both in work and in life—that when animals and humans come together, especially those that have been harmed, miracles can happen.  
Lee has studied with Kathleen Persad and Elaine McCarty since 2020. She completed her Level III Teacher certification in November 2022 and now offers Let Animals Lead® training.  When you train with Lee, you’ll learn how to connect and bond with your animal with the gentle power of meditation while offering supportive healing centered in love and respect.

Offering: Reiki sessions, end of life support for pets and their owners, and Animal Reiki training. Jesses Gift offers in-person certification classes for Levels 1, 2, and 3 of the proprietary Let Animals Lead®️ method of Animal Reiki created by Kathleen Prasad.
Website: Jesses Gift
Email: [email protected]

jaime kuhn 2023 teacher of excellence standing on the edge of the grand canyon smiling

Jaime Kuhn

The Empowered Companion
Animal Reiki Teacher, Certified Feline Training Professional, Companion Animal End-of-Life Doula

Denver, Colorado
Animal Reiki Meditation gently empowers you to enhance, celebrate, and support a genuine, heart-led connection with your animal companion. The Empowered Companion believes life’s path is most joyfully walked as a loving and respectful companion to the animals in our lives. We strive to provide gentle, effective care and to empower animal companions through education and ongoing support for all life stages.

Offering: In-person certification for animal companions in Levels 1 and 2 of the Let Animals Lead®️ method of Animal Reiki, plus Feline Training and Behavior Modification (following Lima—Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive—guidelines, as well as in-person and virtual Companion Animal End-of-Life Doula Services. Level 3 certification will be offered in 2024.
Website: Jamie Kuhn
Email: [email protected]

linda jisun lee a 2023 teacher of excellence sits smiling and holding a hawk

Linda Jisun Lee

The Animal Instinct, LLC
Animal Reiki Teacher, Animal Communicator, Animal Reiki Artist

Southern California
BIO to come soon!
Offering: Level 1, 2 and 3 certification classes in the Let Animals Lead® Method.
Website: The Animal Instinct
Email: [email protected]

a picture of Sherry Morgado next to a pig

Sherry Morgado

Compassionate Light Animal Reiki
Animal Reiki Teacher/Practitioner, Companion Animal End-of-Life Doula

Chico, California
Compassionate Light Animal Reiki hopes that, by training in the Let Animals Lead® method, you’ll learn how to honor the sensitivities of animals, cultivate a mindset that is calm and tranquil no matter the situation, and to share that healing energy with an open heart for the benefit of animals. 
Special interest areas are: end of life/hospice care and working with animals and their caregivers in farm sanctuaries. 

Offering: A variety of in-person classes, including introductory classes, special topics in Animal Reiki, and certification classes for students in Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki.
Website: Compassionate Light Animal Reiki
Email: [email protected]

Daria 2023 TOE gets a kiss from her soul dog Finley

Daria Paradise

Of Oceans and Woods Animal Reiki
Animal Reiki Teacher & Practitioner

Southeastern Pennsylvania
All of the work I do is in honor of my soul dog, Finley, whose passing put me on my journey to help other animals and their people never feel as helpless as I did during that time.  The Let Animals Lead® method is the most beautiful and compassionate way to honor him and share space with all the animals that come into my life.

Offering: In-person and distance animal Reiki sessions, as well as in-person Level 1, 2 and 3 certification classes in the Let Animals Lead® method of animal Reiki.  Special interests are sharing Reiki with animals in transition to bring peace and comfort to the animal and their people during that difficult time. 
Website: TBA
Email: [email protected]

libby ross a 2023 teacher of excellence of the let animals lead method crouches on grass with her dog and smiles

Libby Ross

Animal Zen
Animal Reiki Teacher & Practitioner

Lawrence, Kansas
Proudly representing the Midwest in this list of 2023 Teachers of Excellence, I primarily serve Lawrence, Kansas and surrounding communities. Don’t let distance stop you! It would be a pleasure to connect with any Midwestern shelter, rescue, or organization that is interested in adopting the Let Animals Lead®️ method of Animal Reiki.
This compassionate modality not only empowers animals to be the guide of their own healing process, but also creates space for animals to share their profound wisdom with us humans. By following animals into the here and now, they teach us Oneness. They inspire us with their forgiveness, resilience, and selflessness. In this way, practicing the Let Animals Lead®️ method spreads much needed peace to animals, our fellow humans, and our planet at large. Join me in shining your light!

Offering: In-person and distance animal Reiki sessions, plus in-person classes for levels 1-3 of the Let Animals Lead® method 
Website: TBA
Email: [email protected]

Susan von Grimmenstein

Let it Flow Animal Reiki
Animal Reiki Teacher & Practitioner

Indianapolis, IN
Let if Flow hopes to bring a simplistic approach to what may be perceived as complex. My practice and teaching methods encompasses all species in a variety of environments. Do not expect safari or underwater adventures; however, I am known to take advantage of space shared with a cow and sit on a dock with a swan or unassuming manatee (not in Indiana). My goal is to provide an environment of support, reflection, an insight to those who embrace the fundamental practices of Let Animals Lead ®.
Offering: In-person classes for small groups of levels 1-3 of the Let Animals Lead® method. 
Website: TBA
Email: [email protected]

wendee walker a 2023 teacher of excellence and horse trainer from napa california

Wendee Walker

Wendee & Friends
Animal Reiki Practitioner & Teacher, Reward-Based Horse Training

Napa, California
Wendee’s practice is based on the belief that all animals continue to teach and inspire her practice and she is excited to be a 2023 Let Animals Lead® Teacher of Excellence.
Wendee leads small group workshops, “Reiki with the Herd” and “Write with the Herd”, mostly in the pasture and on the shady deck of the Brioso Vineyard Stable. She also has a background in bodywork and gymnastic exercise for horse rehab. Wendee donates a portion of all student tuition to rescues, includeing local Napa rescues and the Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) in Thailand (where she was privileged to offer Reiki and bodywork to traumatized elephants in hospital).

Offering: In-person classes certifying students in Levels 1, 2 and 3 of Let Animals Lead® Animal Reiki in Napa, California.
Website: Wendee & Friends
Email: [email protected]


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