Barney’s Journey to “Rainbow Bridge”

By Janet Cunningham

You entered my life seven years ago when your family moved away but forgot to take one of its most precious possessions…YOU! Gradually, you learned to trust me, and you taught me far more about trust as our journey began. You joined my other precious cats (indoor) when the time was right, and you never had to fear being alone ever again.

ilm_barney-bigWe made a promise with each other when you became ill that I would be with you during your exit here to “Rainbow Bridge”. We kept that promise, and I held you until it was time to let go. I let you go so that you could begin your journey to “Rainbow Bridge” where ALL flourish after they have left our world.

I received THREE definite signs that you made it to your paradise, and you did not forget nor leave me behind. The first sign was when you moved your water bowl from where you drank so often during your illness. You moved it to the middle of the door-frame leading to my bedroom. I could not miss that sign.

The next TWO signs were when you turned on the electric baseboard heater in the bedroom beneath the window in which you so dearly loved to sit and watch the world unfold. I appreciate these signs because the knob broke off some time ago, and the only way I could turn the heater on was to use a pair of pliers that I keep on top of my dresser.

Shortly before I came home from work one night, the heater had been recently turned on (perhaps 5 minutes before I walked in). It was a cold night and you wanted to make sure that there was warmth in my place. The next time you turned on the heater was on a Saturday morning shortly before I awakened. I heard the quiet clanging noise it makes, and I knew you were with me once again.

We also made a promise that “when one door closed another one would open”. I was able to bring you indoor when Toodles passed away. You left here on 9/11/04 and through my rescue work “Scotty” came in from the cold on 12/28/04 to join Oliver, Honey Dew, Buster, Cinder and Lucky. His formal name is “Butterscotch” and is 4-month old orange tabby just like you.

Barney, I know that you are now a resident of “Rainbow Bridge” and dancing with the butterflies and all the other wonderous animals. I know that you have been restored to health and vitality. And I know we will meet again when it is my time to take the journey.

Love, Janet and the ark

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