My life’s work literally is animal Reiki—coaching animal lovers worldwide on their journey toward peace and wellness. But Reiki is not the only natural treatment out there for our beloved animals. In fact, Reiki is a great complementary therapy to not only Western veterinary medicine, but also a whole host of holistic and natural options, including the three listed below. Tell me, have you given any of these a try?

Acupuncture: My last dog, Dakota, benefited greatly from acupuncture treatments, which work by restoring balance. When he was in hospice, acupuncture allowed him to use his back legs to walk a bit longer than would have otherwise been possible.  And amazingly, animals don’t seem to mind getting stuck by dozens of needles. They just “go to sleep,” says veterinarian Nicole Kayser in this informative article from To find a holistic vet near you who offers acupuncture or other healing modality, try this helpful search function from the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

Aromatherapy: Animals have a keen sense of smell, and humans who swear by aromatherapy for their dog or horse say it does wonders for stress, their immune system, motion sickness, skin rashes, hyperactivity and more. But essential oils should be used cautiously, so always work in tandem with your vet and also read up on the subject. The comprehensive guide Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals by Kristen Lee Bell and this article in Huffington Post are good places to start.


Natural and herbal remedies: Fleas, stress, dry skin, tummy troubles, hairballs and more can often be handled by homemade or natural remedies. This article runs down 21 surprisingly easy natural and herbal remedies for common maladies; and, of course, Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats should reside on every animal lover’s bookshelf.


What are your favorite natural remedies?

6 thoughts on “Best holistic treatments for animals”

  1. The holistic meds from the following website saved two of my dogs’ lives. It is These are not just for dogs, but all animals. I highly recommend them! The company is named Hampl and located in Australia. The trach med and kidney med are the two that saved my dogs’ lives.

  2. I’ve been practicing acupressure (for those of us who don’t like needles!) and zoopharmacognosy as well as Reiki. Absolutely brilliant for helping so many animals. Looking forward to seeing you in August in Essex UK Kathleen!

  3. Karren O'Sullivan

    My 14 yr old Golden retriever, Roxy has truly benefited from the gentleness of acupuncture over the years :). Especially with an upset stomach and gastrointestinal issues that got out of hand. I was amazed how animal acupuncture from my holistic vet calmed her system, her body and me as her body got back to balance. Peaceful dog, peaceful me….aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

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