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vincent the dog laying on the muir beach

September Animal Reiki Classes

There’s nothing like spending time with my dog at the beach. It helps me feel that the world is normal again. Without all my travels to mark the time passing this summer, I can hardly believe it’s almost Fall! As we begin September, we’ll start with a very special Animal…

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a silhouette of a tree in front of an orange sunset

Bright Dreams and Smoky Sunsets

It’s been tough lately, friends, I’ll admit it. Northern California has been suffering from the most devastating fires. Our ancient and beautiful forests and all the animals within are being lost, and so many of my students, friends and even some family members have been impacted. The air has been…

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a dog laying on the ground on the street looking sad

Transforming Pity into Compassion Through Animal Reiki

So happy you’re here, animal lover! Today I want to share some food for thought about how powerful our state of mind can be when sharing Animal Reiki with shelter animals. This comes from my book 5 Powerful Meditations to Help Heal Your Animals: True lasting healing is about peace…

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Kathleen Prasad with a mask next to her horse

Something Brand New, Just For You!

I’m so excited you’re here, friends! I (and my small but amazing, dedicated team) have been working for several months on something just for you, my dear students. It’s something special to help support you and your animals at home during these uncertain times: Announcing the official launch of my Animal…

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A ceramic heart fixed by Kintsugi, the japanese art of fixing cracks with gold

Taking back your power… with the help of Animal Reiki

The Japanese have a tradition of fixing broken pottery by repairing the cracks with gold, called Kintsugi.This helps remind us to embrace our flaws and imperfections and see the difficulties we’ve survived in our journey as those things that make us beautiful.Today I want to remind those of you struggling with…

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Kathleen Prasad wearing a face mask with her dog vincent

COVID-19 Health and Safety Tips for Animal Reiki Practitioners

Stay safe: use social distancing practices and stay outside when possible. Be an example: wear a mask.  Meditate with your animals every day. Support others through distant healing and online shares.  Take time in nature and eat healthy! The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the lives of people (and subsequently, their…

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