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Registration for Summer Sessions in Levels 1-3 Now Open!

This summer, get certified online in the most ethical and professional Animal Reiki method in the world, and learn to Let Animals Lead® you every step of the way! Start at the beginning with Level 1. This level is for beginners to Reiki and also any human Reiki practitioner looking…

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Get Your Continuing Education Units

I’m excited to announce that Animal Reiki Source has been approved as a Preferred Educational Provider by the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork/Association of Canine Water Therapy (IAAMB/ACWT). My Level 1 and 2 Animal Reiki certification classes have been approved for 10 units each of Continuing Education Credits….

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Learning About Oneness from Animals: Early Bird!

I’m so excited to share with you my new webinar with Ricardo Garé: Learning about Oneness from Animals Saturday, May 21st10-11:30am Pacific time$75 ($65 early bird ends May 13th!) Perhaps the deepest concept in the system of Reiki that we explore through our practice is Oneness: the interconnected nature of…

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Follow the PAWS

This week, let’s “Follow the PAWS”: A Quick Guide to the Let Animals Lead® Method Philosophy By simply remembering to “Follow the PAWS,” Let Animals Lead® method Animal Reiki practitioners can easily stay mindful of the most ethical practices that nurture a safe, trusting bond between ourselves and our Animal…

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Viewing Reiki Through the Eyes of Animals

Are you new to Reiki and want to experience the joy of letting animals be our partners and teachers? Or do you want to relearn and fall in love with Reiki in a totally new way? Want to use your empathy for good, rather than be overwhelmed by it? Want…

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kathleen prasad kneeling in the grass touching a brown and white horse

A Brief Introduction to Animal Reiki

It’s been a while since I’ve written an introduction to Animal Reiki, so I thought I’d write a few of my thoughts about this topic for you today. According to the 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), about 70% of US households have…

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a woman leaning on a window sill looking at her white and orange cat

4 Aspects of Intention in Animal Reiki

Our animals sense our thoughts and feelings easily, and sometimes they realize when we need support even before we do! How many times has your animal come to you, brought you a toy, placed their head in your hand or rubbed against your leg to help you stop for a…

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