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kathleen prasad and leah d'ambrosio holding boa snakes

It’s a Super Charmed Life

I’m so excited to share with you my latest interview with The Super Charmed Life blog! Charmaine, writer and editor at The Super Charmed Life, was interested in my work with SARA, Animal Reiki, and wanted to know how the pandemic has affected things for us. Here is a short…

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a golden retriever walking down a path in the grass with people walking behind

How to Begin and Refine Your Let Animals Lead® Method Practice

In the Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki, there are 3 levels of training and practice: Level 1, Shoden or Beginner TeachingsLevel 2, Okuden or Hidden/Inner Teachings (and the foundation of a professional practice)And Level 3, Shinpiden or Mystery Teachings (and the Teacher Training course). Hopefully I’ll be teaching…

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kathleen prasad next to her dog vincent by some orange flowers and water

Getting in the Swing with Spring with 3 New Offerings

It seems like there are more poppies right now in California than I ever remember in April! I’m so grateful for such a beautiful backdrop on my nature strolls and walking meditations with Vincent. To get in swing with Spring, I’ve created 3 exciting new opportunities for you to deepen…

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a puppy in a bucket of soap and water

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Animal Reiki Practice

It’s Spring and the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer! As the trees and flowers come to life, they remind us that new beginnings and fresh possibilities are ahead of us. This month’s Animal Reiki Talk will be next Tuesday (delayed 1 week due to Spring…

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6 giraffes standing together

Why 6 Pillars of Practice?

Did you get a chance to watch my podcast last week with Nathalie Jaspar of Dive into Reiki? This week I want to share a snippet from it with you: a discussion of the 6 pillars of the Let Animals Lead® method: Nathalie: You actually created the Let Animals Lead®…

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penguins jumping off the ice into the water

Diving into Reiki with Nathalie Jaspar…and Me

Happy Spring everyone! Today, I’m super excited to introduce you to a kindred spirit in my Reiki world, Nathalie Jaspar. I was so excited to get to know Nathalie through speaking with her for her show, “Dive into Reiki.” Author, artist and Reiki Teacher Nathalie Jaspar Nathalie is a Reiki…

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a brown dog reaching out its paw and a person holding it by a lake

How to Create a Healing Space for Animals

Many people see Animal Reiki as a hands-on healing modality, but I see Reiki as a meditation practice we share with our animals, and more than that: as a way of seeing the world and living with more compassion in it. One of the things I like to say to…

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kathleen prasad holding her hand out to her horses mouth and nose

Remembering a Special Equine Reiki Teacher

Today I mourn a loss and I celebrate a teacher. A few days ago, one of my dearest equine teachers passed away, Luke. This photo is a picture of him gently touching his nose to my hand during a Reiki session we shared several years ago. Luke belonged to my…

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