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distant treatments

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Give your animals, your family and/or yourself the gift of a 30-minute distant Reiki session. Email Kathleen to schedule your appointment.

Distant sessions promote relaxation, peace and well-being: the ideal conditions to support a strong self-healing process. During your special 30-minute session, Kathleen will dedicate a meditation to your animal, you, and/or your family. When one animal is sick, the rest of the family (2 and 4-legged) is often stressed, and this is why Kathleen likes to include all of you in the treatment, too.

Reiki sessions are a great way to support a healthy animal (like having a relaxing “spa” treatment), can support healing from illness and injury, aid post-surgery recovery, lessen side-effects from medications, and can support a peaceful hospice and dying process.

Kathleen requests that during the meditation session, the recipient has quiet time to rest and relax. A photo along with a little bit of information about your animal is welcome but not required. If you can sit with your animal and take part in the healing space, that is ideal. Kathleen will email you after the session and ask you to observe your animal’s healing process (as well as your own) over the next few days for any healing shifts (in areas that may be expected or even unexpected) as this will give us a clue as to how Reiki is supporting healing.

Cost: $55 per 30 minute session

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My cat was adopted from a shelter. Being put in a carrier causes her great distress.   She was due for a vaccination and I thought a reiki treatment the night before might help. I was also worried that she might have a bad reaction to the vaccination.

Despite having the treatment, there was not much change in her behavior at the vet’s.  She was immobile until we returned home.  She did vocalize her protest to being handled by the vet. Usually she silently endures it. I see this as a somewhat positive change.

The main difference I noticed in her behavior was after we returned home.  She got over the experience in record time. Instead of going into hiding as usual, she seemed to be feeling very good and she was friendly and even a little playful. Her appetite has been fine and there was no sign of a negative reaction to the vaccination.  -Brady U.

ScoobyScooby: I reached out to Kathleen after Scooby had his second knee surgery. I know that Reiki for dogs provides relaxation, stress reduction and healing and I was very excited to find out Kathleen could conduct the sessions remotely. I can always tell when Scooby is getting his Reiki because he sleeps so well and I am convinced the sessions have helped him heal! I enjoy the sessions as well as I can feel the warmth and find I also sleep well and feel better afterwards. Thank you so much Kathleen! Love, Shannon and Scooby

Elsie JasperAmongst the many changes we have witnessed, overall, our doggies are much more calm and relaxed at home in their territory, and around others when out and about. Jassie loves his cuddles now, is more present, affectionate and wanting to be with us. Yay!! And Elsie barks less at the night and responds quickly to the command of ‘inside’. No more chasing her around the back yard trying to get her inside! Phew! ~Frith

CharlotteCharlotte: When I was told that my dog and best friend, Charlotte, required a risky surgical procedure, I was petrified. I wanted to do something to help her but wasn’t sure what to do. Then I found Kathleen! I downloaded her Healing Meditations which I did every day and also scheduled several distance Reiki sessions. After the first Reiki session, Charlotte had more energy and seemed lighter and happier. Kathleen did several more treatments both before and after Charlotte’s surgery and I’m happy to say Charlotte came through her surgery with flying colors and even passed her post-surgical three-month exam! I feel the distance Reiki sessions around the time of her surgery and since then have played a huge part in helping Charlotte to heal and continue to recover. I’m so grateful to Kathleen. The sessions are reasonable, easy to schedule and Kathleen provides very prompt feedback after each session. Thank you, Kathleen, from both Charlotte and me for your gentle and compassionate ways! ~Patti

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