Breathe in the Breeze

Animal Reiki Source Newsletter: Summer 2014

Breathe in the Breeze – A lesson from Ahanta, my spiritual teacher

By Gina S. Lilleaas

Ahanta is my beloved canine companion, a 6 year old Japanese Spitz. From the very moment I met him as a little puppy, my heart was drawn to him, and when he placed his tiny head in my hands and looked up at me, our souls connected. It was as if I already knew him, like his spirit was familiar to me. We have since been through so much together, and through Reiki, we share a beautiful healing partnership. He has taught me so much, and I am forever grateful that he chose to share his lifetime with me. I am blessed to have this little white angel by my side every day.

 breath-in-the-breeze-01-550 © 2014 Gina S. Lilleaas

He, like so many animals who walk this earth, embodies the 5 Reiki Precepts so effortlessly. We need not look any further, we already have true masters by our side, ready to guide us and teach us – inspire us to reach our highest potential. They are able to stay in the present moment, humble and true to their being – always compassionate, always in service. How much we have to learn. Ahanta, for example, lives his life completely present in every moment – always keeping a beginner`s mind, by experiencing every moment as if it was for the first time. So every walk, every visitor, every treat is like the best thing EVER! Imagine feeling such pure joy about every little thing in your life – what a gift that is. Feeling his joy and watching him be an “explosion of joy” surely lifts my spirits every time. How can you not get in a good mood when you have your dog jumping around your feet in sheer happiness – it`s impossible. It has definitely helped me to open my heart to joy. Even sitting with him in silence fills my heart with such deep inner joy and gratitude – it is truly a blessing.

He is also so honest about who he is – no apologies made. Like all dogs (and all animals), they show us who they are at all times – there`s no masks, there`s no pretending. They are their authentic selves and live it every moment, because they don’t know how not to – it is simply who they are. I find that profoundly inspiring, to be true to my way and my being, and dare to follow my heart – to walk my true path in life.

Ahanta has also showed me to let go of my worries for the future and concerns about the past, because, as he said to an animal communicator some years ago, “Do not dwell in the past. The past is the past, and it is now behind us. We are here and now. That’s the important part. We can learn from the past, but we cannot take it with us. Let it go and enjoy this present moment. Seek the happy moments and surrender to joy”.

In the past, when we were out in nature, I would so easily get lost in my thoughts – worrying. Then suddenly, I could feel a breeze beginning to blow, and I would look over at him sitting next to me. His long, white, silky fur blowing in the wind, nose in the air, eyes half-closed, taking it all in – reminding me to let go of all of my worries and thoughts, and just sit and be and “breathe in the breeze”. He really LOVES that. He will even sit outside in the garden during a storm, completely still and peaceful – honoring the power of the wind, immersed in his own meditative space. That is so inspiring to me, so every time we are out in nature, we always remember to take our time to “breathe in the breeze”.

 breath-in-the-breeze-02© 2014 Gina S. Lilleaas

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