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Announcing the return of the amazing Buster Scholarship! This scholarship covers the cost of Reiki I class with Kathleen for a student with financial need who is committed to sharing Reiki with animals. Students may apply for the July 13/14 Reiki 1 at Lily’s OR the September 2019 Animal Reiki Level 1 Online course (please specify morning or afternoon session). 

This generous scholarship is given by Buster’s special person, Gerianne Hummel. She writes, “In memory of my sweet Buster – she was born on a farm in Illinois and lived a wonderful life of 23 years and 9 months! From a very young age until her last day she soaked up all the Reiki she could and shared it as well. She was the embodiment of Love, Compassion, Peace, Joy,and Presence.

After taking my first Reiki class in 1998, I began my self Reiki practice and also shared it with my family. It wasn’t long before Buster got my attention that she loved Reiki, too! It seemed no matter where I practiced in the house, she would find me. She’d settle her plump, soft body on my lap, purr with gusto, and there we’d enjoy our Reiki time together. If my husband or children enjoyed a session, there was Buster near, under, or on the table, bed, chair, or floor! Often, when talking with a Reiki friend or student on the phone, I’d suddenly notice – there she was nearby.

Buster was my first animal Reiki teacher. The Reiki experience with her was not anything I had learned in my Reiki training and I never heard anyone talk about animal Reiki in the way I was experiencing it with Buster (until I found Kathleen and Animal Reiki Source). Buster and I could just BE in that space, no hand positions, relaxing music, or timer necessary. Over the years, Buster was my constant Reiki companion and I noticed our sharing of Reiki was very spontaneous. It became just the way we were together and supported both of us. Our spiritual connection through Reiki became very clear and strong. The bond we shared was not only in the physical realm but of the soul.

In her final days, Reiki supported us both. And after she passed and I sat “alone” in meditation, I had the incredible experience of missing her physical presence immensely and yet my heart felt so filled with love and peace at the same time. Reiki. In the past months, I am learning to experience the bond between us beyond the physical. I feel her presence and Reiki connection even still.

In gratitude for the precious bond with Buster and all she taught me, we are happy to offer this scholarship.”

To Apply:

Submit a brief email explaining your financial need, your reasons for wanting to take an animal Reiki class, and how you intend to practice. Feel free to share about the animals in your life. Please also indicate which Reiki 1 class you would like to attend.

CLICK HERE to email your submission.

Deadline: Friday, June 14, 2019
Recipient announced: Tuesday June 25, 2019

Terms: Reimbursement for class will be made directly to Kathleen. You agree to have your photo and a brief follow up included on the Animal Reiki Source website.


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