Cally’s Story

We lovingly remember Cally and her journey with Reiki…

By David Griffiths

 In June 2005, my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Cally, was badly mauled by another dog. Cally suffered extensive trauma to the face, and lost the use of her left ear. Her injuries were so bad that she had to go to a specialist centre to have her face put back together.

clients_cally-bigDuring her surgery, she was also diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer, which had been detected in her spleen. So the spleen had to come out, and she went on a 5 treatment course of chemotherapy.


Cally’s facial surgery was successful, but she went through it all again with her cancer treatment, and this is when I looked to Reiki for help. My wife and I are both Reiki practitioners, but we had never treated animals before. So I did some web searching and found Kathleen’s site, where we signed up for the 5 lesson correspondence course. In parallel to Cally’s chemotherapy treatments I started giving Cally Reiki sessions, using all of the wonderful techniques that Kathleen was giving us.

Cally is very receptive to Reiki, and even settles in to a favourite position ready for her treatment. The real irony was, that had she not been mauled by the other dog, we would not have been able to save her from the hidden cancer. When giving her Reiki I am trying to facilitate the healing of both the trauma of her wound experience, plus the healing of her cancer & associated treatment.

To date, her scans have been clear of any cancer recurrence, so we continue with the Reiki, and pray that she stays a healthy Staffy.

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