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Learning About Oneness from Animals: Early Bird!

I’m so excited to share with you my new webinar with Ricardo Garé: Learning about Oneness from Animals Saturday, May 21st10-11:30am Pacific time$75 ($65 early bird ends May 13th!) Perhaps the deepest concept in the system of Reiki that we explore through our practice is Oneness: the interconnected nature of our Universe. I truly believe …

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Follow the PAWS

This week, let’s “Follow the PAWS”: A Quick Guide to the Let Animals Lead® Method Philosophy By simply remembering to “Follow the PAWS,” Let Animals Lead® method Animal Reiki practitioners can easily stay mindful of the most ethical practices that nurture a safe, trusting bond between ourselves and our Animal Reiki partners. PAWS is an …

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a woman leaning on a window sill looking at her white and orange cat

4 Aspects of Intention in Animal Reiki

Our animals sense our thoughts and feelings easily, and sometimes they realize when we need support even before we do! How many times has your animal come to you, brought you a toy, placed their head in your hand or rubbed against your leg to help you stop for a moment and reset? As I …

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Tame the Beast and Unleash the Peace

SARA’s annual t-shirt fundraiser starts today!! Help SARA reach more shelter animals: support our latest t-shirt fundraiser! Participating in our annual fundraiser helps SARA support shelter animals’ journey from a kennel in a noisy shelter to a cozy bed in a new home. For the past 13 years, thanks to your support, SARA has been …

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kathleen prasad among the roots of the trees of mt kuruma

Celebrating 100 Years of Reiki

Did you know that it was 100 years ago, in March of 1922, that Mikao Usui took his trip to the top of Mt. Kurama for his 21-day fast that led to his enlightenment experience and inspired him to open up a teaching and healing center in Tokyo in April 1922? This means that it …

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Meditation for World Peace in Tonight’s Animal Reiki Talk

“Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.” –Desiderius Erasmus If you’ve been anywhere near a television or digital device over the past few days, you’ve heard the terrible news that Russia has declared war on Ukraine. In times of war, although all those affected must endure difficult circumstances, it’s always the children and …

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two tigers rubbing heads

The Healing Power of Twos-day, 2-22-22

Since today is 2-22-22, a date that not only falls on a “Twos-day” but also is a palindrome (read the same forwards as backwards), I thought it would be fun to take a moment and look at the spiritual significance of these numbers in relationship to our Animal Reiki practice. Share this…FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedin

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Letting Animals Lead Us Back to Love

“Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.” ~Rumi I hope everyone had a beautiful World Animal Reiki Day last Saturday! With all the amazing love and light created for animals that day, it feels like the perfect time to contemplate LOVE! As Valentine’s Day approaches this coming week, I am mindful of the …

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Happy World Animal Reiki Day 2022!

For World Animal Reiki Day I released 3 video guided meditations on my YouTube channel: 1) The World Animal Reiki Day Prayer with Kathleen Prasadin a sheep pasture at Charlie’s Acres Farm Sanctuary 2) Remembering the animal we’ve lost, and a meditation for World Animal Reiki Daywith SARA Teacher Joan O’Connorat Charlie’s Acres Farm Sanctuary …

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