Chester My Love

5 years ago, You showed up on our door step two weeks before our little dog Buckwheat passed. You wouldn’t leave. You just curled yourself up on the door mat and waited patiently to be fed. After Buckwheat left us, we decided to bring you in to be a part of our ever growing family of furry friends. You were always the quiet one. Never really affectionate. Kept to yourself, and really felt you were above everyone else I’m sure. You really couldn’t be bothered.

ilm_chester-bigLast year, our lives were forever changed when you became sick. During that year, you lead us down a wonderful path. A path of total enlightenment. You slowly began to replace our fear and sadness with knowledge of so many things that we never knew existed. You introduced us to loving and caring people. You introduced us to the world of healing. You introduced us to Reiki and it’s wonders. I loved it when you join me in the backyard on a towel. You’d nudge me with your head and then curl up beside me so we both could enjoy the Reiki experience. I could never resist leaning over to kiss your little head. Those moments I will never forget. You were so strong and powerful and full of courage.

You made sure we got through Christmas and more importantly, you made sure you had your special spot under the tree. I barely would get the tree in the stand before you had already set up camp.

January 13th, 2007; two short days after we took the Christmas tree down, you left and you took our hearts with you. May your spirit soar my sweet boy. You will be forever in our hearts and forever have a place under the tree.

Until we meet again Chester, we love you! 

Barbara Bettke & Cecelia Sonsini

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