I’m proud to say that one of the most unique things about the Let Animals Lead® method is its co-creative quality. Human Reiki methodology is a very practitioner-led way of practice. Even if it’s understood the space is shared between client and practitioner, the practitioner is responsible for all the movement, hand positions chosen or not chosen, etc. during all sessions. In the Let Animals Lead® method, because our primary concern is not practitioner protocol, but rather honoring animals’ choice, preference and freedom to express themselves, we take a step back and allow the animals to lead each session. When we do so, we give them the space to show us a new way forward in healing.
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When we focus on our Animal Reiki meditation instead of what’s wrong with animals, they can create their own healing sessions in a unique and dynamic way. We let go of the “doing” of the session so that we can create a new, shared space of peace and compassion together! To see an animal, especially one that has experienced abuse or trauma at the hands of a human, relax and trust us in this gentle space is so heart-opening! It’s so humbling and transformative for us to experience this kind of animal empowerment, especially when it may come from an animal who had previously never been given honor or respect.

When we see through the filter of the Reiki precepts, and diligently work on letting go of anger and worry, and focusing on gratitude and kindness, we’re able to receive all kinds of blessings and lessons from our animal teachers. This kind of awareness and openness in humankind is something the animals need more of in this world! That’s why I’m so excited to see more and more students of this method taking courses not only from me, but from my students all over the world!

To celebrate our special honoring of animals through the Let Animals Lead® method, I’ve created a new tagline for Animal Reiki Source, which I think really says it all:

Creating respect and equality between animals and their people through the power of meditation.

It’s my mission that through the Let Animals Lead® method we can help ourselves find the peace within, so that we can help our animals by sharing it with them. In this peaceful space we’ll be able to listen to the wisdom animals bring through their presence in our lives. In so doing, we will deepen our bond with all creatures and find new strength and inspiration to live with compassionate action each and every day. Imagine if humankind awakened to the gifts and wisdom animals bring, what a different world it would be!

Want to learn more? Check out the Animal Reiki Source Academy page, which lists all my offerings: in-person, online and on-demand!

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