Module 1 Animal Reiki and Rescued Animals
Unit 1 Animal Reiki Lessons from the Wild Animals of the CARE Foundation
Unit 2 Healing Gifts and Wisdom of Farm Animals in Animal Reiki Practice
Unit 3 Reiki for Captive Exotic Animals
Unit 4 Reiki for Wild Animals
Unit 5 The Benefits of Reiki for Rescued Animals
Unit 6 The Benefits of Reiki in Animal Shelters
Module 2 Animal Reiki and the Stages of Life
Unit 1 Animal Reiki For Your Animal's Rehab
Unit 2 How Reiki can Help Animals to Fight Cancer
Unit 3 How to Honor a Departed Animal with Reiki
Unit 4 Reiki for Puppies
Unit 5 Reiki to Help Your Animals Relieve Past Trauma
Module 3 Animal Reiki Books, Writing and Journaling
Unit 1 Excerpts from Vets on Animal Reiki
Unit 2 Heart to Heart with Horses
Unit 3 The Benefits of Journaling About Animal Reiki
Unit 4 Writing About Animal Reiki 2
Unit 5 Writing About Animal Reiki
Module 4 Animal Reiki Meditations
Unit 1 Animal Healing Meditation with Kathleen and Guest Amanda Ree of SamaDog
Unit 2 Animal Reiki As a Meditative, Not Medical, Practice
Unit 3 Animal Reiki Meditation with Animals Affected by Natural Disasters
Unit 4 Reiki and Meditation
Unit 5 World Animal Reiki Day 2020 Animal Healing Meditation
Unit 6 World Peace Animal Reiki Meditation
Module 5 Animal Reiki Methodology
Unit 1 Co-creating Animal Reiki Sessions Through the Let Animals Lead® Method
Unit 2 Excellence and Animal Reiki
Unit 3 Holding Space for Animals Using the Let Animals Lead Method
Unit 4 Including Caregivers in the Animal Reiki Treatment
Unit 5 Physical Touch and the Animal Reiki Session
Unit 6 Reiki Symbols and Mantras with Animals
Unit 7 Suggestions for Distant Treatments for Animals
Unit 8 The Reiki Precepts and Animals
Unit 9 What does Animal Reiki do?
Module 6 Living the Practice
Unit 1 Animal Reiki and Mindfulness
Unit 2 Animal Reiki Ripple Effect
Unit 3 Peace is Possible, When We Let Animals Lead
Unit 4 Reiki and Loving Kindness
Unit 5 Reiki as a Way of Life
Unit 6 Rise Above with Animal Reiki - Relax, Reconnect, Radiate
Unit 7 The Magnetizing Power of Animal Reiki
Unit 8 Walking with Peace Through Difficult Times
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