April May June 2010

By Margaret Churchill

Dusty was abandoned as a baby along with his sister. He lived off of grass and bugs until he was picked up and nursed back to health. His sister recovered well but he did not. He is 10 /11 years old now and the owner Gayle Johnston told me that he was diagnosed with chlamydia which he has had all his life. She said he always had a productive sneeze.


dusty - Animal Reiki cat


He had just finished his two weeks of antibiotics before I came to see him and she said the antibiotics did nothing for him! No noticable difference.


After the reiki session she said it was like having a brand new cat! His eyes opened wide for the first time since she can remember (they had always been half closed) She said he has been better than he has ever been. He plays a lot and Gayle and Dusty have this amazing connection. He comes to her when another cat has wrapped himself in a toy (for her to free it) and also comes to tell her that there is a leak in the kitchen.

He still has the odd sneeze and when he does he knows to climb up on a chair and wait for his holistic cough medicine.
Since the reiki, Gayle has continued with additional reiki sessions and acupuncture in her area and said and I quote…

“I have absolute proof that reiki works because I have lived with a sick cat for a very long time and that first session gave me a brand new cat. I tell everyone I know about the experience. I am a firm believer in what reiki can do and I’m getting the word out.” – Gayle Johnston.

About the Author: Margaret Churchill of Heaven’s Touch-Reiki for Pets is an associate with Jasper’s Spaw, and is a family farm member of Big Sky Ranch, a sanctuary for unwanted and abused animals. She can be contacted at [email protected]

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