Equine Reiki Training at BrightHaven

Pawprint-25px Equine Reiki Training

at BrightHaven



Developing our energy centers: how to build a powerful energetic foundation
Horses as our Spiritual Teachers: Meditations to help open to the wisdom of, lessons from and spiritual connections with horses.

  • Ethics to consider when sharing Reiki with horses
  • Mental focus techniques to enhance heart connections
  • Practical suggestions for the most effective treatments
  • Traditional Reiki techniques to try
  • Special equine considerations, techniques and tips

There will be opportunity to work with the horses of BrightHaven as well as time for discussion, questions and feedback.

All students will receive a class manual and certificate of completion.

Equine Reiki Training at BrightHaven
Saturday July 25, 2015

Place: At BrightHaven in Santa Rosa, CA
Prerequisite: At least Reiki 1 training in any lineage.
50% donated to BrightHaven

JULY 25, 2015



 Mail to:
Animal Reiki Source
369-B Third St., #156
San Rafael, CA 94901




I wanted you to know how very empowering you are and that I think that may be your greatest gift as a teacher. Each time a student was questioning of themselves or their abilities you affirmed for them what they needed most to hear and I found that to be so uplifting…and yes, healing. I also experienced you as humble, sincere, grounded and serene. Your presence, Spirit and commitment to Reiki and to teaching others Reiki, and in particular to teaching others to trust their innate abilities and the wisdom of the animals is absolutely beautiful and restorative. Once again I’d like to send you a resounding “Thank You!” for the work you do in the world. – JF, Oregon


I am just learning this wonderful work and I enjoy the quiet working with animals, listening for them to “tell” me how to help them. To me this is much more rewarding and challenging than working with people; you have to go inside yourself and be “still” to hear the animals speak to you with their hearts. My main focus is in this work, the animals I love the most are horses, especially my beloved rescue horse Gilly. This will be a lifetime of learning from all the wonderful creatures that we share this world with. Thank you so much Kathleen for this wonderful source of knowledge and leading me to Reiki!! –Jane A, OH


Kathleen Prasad is truly a compassionate and gifted teacher, and I am grateful to her for the lessons she taught me about animals and their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. –Diane Hedges, MI

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