Reiki Symbols and Mantras: Meanings and Meditations for Animals


Interested in taking your practice with Reiki symbols and mantras to the next level?

Wondering how you can use Reiki symbols and mantras without creating discomfort or resistance in your animals?

In this special Zoom class, you’ll learn how to approach animals with Reiki symbols and mantras so that you can transcend and transform stress and discomfort in any situation. Harness the power of peaceful presence for your animals’ well being through the special meditations Kathleen will teach you!

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2021 Practitioner and Teacher of Excellence Program

*Last day to register is January 10th, 2021

This combination package includes both the 2021 Practitioner of Excellence and 2021 Teacher of Excellence professional development courses! By taking advantage of both of these special classes, you’ll not only save $, but also be able to meet twice a month in 2021 with Kathleen for teachings and inspiration, plus have the opportunity to ask questions and get ongoing guidance.

This is the most supportive and inspiring online professional development program Kathleen has ever developed. The Let Animals Lead® method will not only strengthen your Reiki practice, but will also help you develop more compassion and loving kindness for others. Immerse yourself in the Let Animals Lead® method in 2021, so that you can BE compassion, love and light for yourself, for animals and for the world.

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A New Path Forward: Reiki for a Balanced Future on Earth


How can our Animal Reiki practice guide us back to a balanced relationship with each other, animals, nature and the world?

In this special 90-minute webinar, renowned holistic veterinarian and Reiki Teacher Ricardo Gare from Brazil and Animal Reiki expert Kathleen Prasad from the USA will teach two powerfully healing Reiki meditations and discuss practical ways Reiki can connect us mindfully to our past, ground us in compassion in the present and help us heal our future.

This class will be offered on Zoom in English with a Portuguese simultaneous translation available if needed. Can’t make it live? All participants will receive the English video (and Portuguese audio recordings if requested).

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