For Bandit

My husband Dan and I adopted Sir Bandit almost two years ago from the Ukiah Shelter. We also adopted a female lab & Whippet mix. We weren’t sure if we were going to get two dogs that day but we fell in love with both of them. Bandit is part chocolate lab and Rottweiler mix but resembles the look of a BEAR.

ilm_bandit-bigHe was loveable and kind from the minute we adopted him. We have always felt like he has had an old soul. He brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. He had many physical challenges along the way. He first was diagnosed with heartworms which almost cost him his life. He seemed o.k. for a bit and then I noticed a small lump under his jaw and took him in for a check-up and biopsy and this came back jaw (mouth) cancer. We went again and had the minor surgery that removed as much as they can of the cancer. We fed him through a tube for three weeks and gave him Reiki and lots of love along the way. We thought we were out of the woods as he recovered fast and the cancer hadn’t seemed to have spread.

About 3-4 weeks after he recovered from the jaw surgery he started limping with his back left hind leg. We waited a week or so as the surgeon thought that maybe this was due to lack of exercise while he was down. He didn’t get any better so we took him to get x-rays taken and the cancer had spread to the bone. We didn’t give up hope but his energy started to decline rapidly. He also only had one eye when we adopted him but we aren’t sure how that happened. We fed him an organic raw food diet which he loved and I had him on some nutritional supplements as well as some pain meds for his pain but he really started to go fast.

We took him out to the ocean (Bodega Bay) one last time about two weeks ago and he seemed to really enjoy that and have a good amount of energy and then after that he went down fast. We woke up almost a week ago and he all of sudden couldn’t see out of his good eye and was much disoriented. My husband and I decided to put him down. We had been working with a local animal communicator who agreed that he was at peace with going and that he had chosen these challenges in this lifetime to grow.

We know that he is now at peace and out of pain but he is so very missed. His sister Angel has been quite lonely without him. We hope to get another male companion down the line when the time is ready but he is one that can never be replaced.

Bandit – Your dad, Angel and your two feline sisters (Midnight & Amber) miss you very much. Love, Marina xoxoxoxooxox

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