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Kathleen Prasad has been practicing Reiki since 1998. Based on her experiences with her animal teachers she has developed an extensive animal Reiki curriculum. Kathleen has taught thousands of people around the world how to connect from the heart, deepen interspecies compassion, and to just “be” with their animals. For Kathleen, the highest and deepest form of healing is compassion, and this is the aim of the system of Reiki. It is her greatest joy to share her expertise in order to promote the human/animal bond and the health and wellness of animals everywhere.

Anyone can learn to practice Reiki. In a nutshell, Reiki (which means “spiritual energy”) is simply a system of meditative techniques designed to help us to uncover our inner wisdom and compassion. By peeling away layers through our own self-healing meditative practice, we nurture inner peace and harmony, which in turn supports our wellness on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. In addition, because animals are so sensitive, when we create a space of inner peace within ourselves, animals will sense this and be drawn to us to support their own inner balance, harmony and self-healing processes.

Practicing Reiki meditations and techniques will help you to be more present in the moment and help you to de-stress and lessen anger and worry in your life. The animals in your life will benefit immensely from the changes in yourself that Reiki can create. Reiki techniques help to lessen the strong grip of human ego so that you can open your heart more easily to the amazing ways your animals can be your teachers along the healing journey. The stronger your personal practice, the deeper your balance and grounding will become, which in turn will deepen your intuition (inner wisdom) and promote inner growth and change.

By supporting energetic balance and harmony, Reiki heals each animal in the ways needed most. As a practitioner, you don’t need to know what needs healing in order to witness powerful results. You are not the healer, you are a practitioner, whose personal practice, when strong and dedicated, will radiate out from you to support shifts towards balance in those around you.

Because our true inner nature is compassion, Reiki is as accessible to the novice as it is to the expert.  Although classes may be only two or three days long, there are many layers of peace and compassion to develop within yourself and to support in others, and so you can continue to learn from your Reiki practice your whole life.

Classes Offered Through Animal Reiki Source:

Classes, workshops, seminars and internships at Animal Reiki Source are unique in that they focus on working with animals. Kathleen offers specialized workshops, seminars and internships, both in person and through tele classes and  correspondence courses, for people who already have Reiki, as well as Reiki 1 and 2 classes for people who would like to learn Reiki.

Kathleen also offers courses teaching mindfulness meditation techniques to animal lovers–Reiki and non-Reiki trained. These courses are designed help people walk the path to peace, health and wellness with the animals in their lives.

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