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This page is the place for you to read about all things animal Reiki! You’ll find articles about Reiki’s healing benefits for shelter animals, how Reiki can help heal compassion fatigue in animal caregivers, and even how chocolate can teach us about animal Reiki! There are also several articles about what exactly animal Reiki “is,” including one written especially for vet techs. It’s not always easy to explain animal Reiki to others, but hopefully these articles will shed some clarity on animal Reiki’s meaning and help you in your next Reiki conversation. A common theme throughout many of these articles is the fact that Reiki starts with you, and radiates a beautiful peaceful and compassionate space that helps others to heal as well! CLICK HERE for a supportive audio course, “Heal Yourself, Heal Your Animals,” that will share important tips and powerful techniques for interspecies connection and healing.

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Remembering All is Well

This past week was a very challenging one for me personally! My parents were evacuated due to the River Fire (thank goodness they are safe and were able to return to their home without damage). At the same time that was happening, a nearby sanctuary to them where my student Sherry volunteers Reiki, the Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary, was trying to save their animals with almost no time to evacuate. (*Update, they are safe and sound, and hopefully will return soon to their land.) In addition, that same day my horse …
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kathleen prasad and her dog vincent

Get Certified in the Let Animals Lead® Method This Fall!

What if you could learn to …. See animals with fresh eyes and a positive view… Embrace dark, challenging moments with compassion… Ease the suffering of animals you love, while staying respectful of their agency and independence… and celebrate the gifts your animals give you each and every day… Wouldn’t you? Then my latest online classes are tailor-made just for you! It can be so challenging to support our animals when they are suffering! I have practiced Animal Reiki to heal from breast cancer, as well as support thousands of animals of many species, through life …
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Saturday Webinar Plus Animal Reiki Talk Tuesday

Don’t forget this Saturday’s special class: Healing Grief with the Help of Animals Saturday, July 10, 202110-11:30am Pacific time Can’t be there live? No problem: A recording of this class will be sent to all participants. CLICK HERE for more info and to sign up. July’s Animal Reiki Talk will be next week,Tuesday, July 13th at 6PM Pacific time. Inspired by our July 4 Independence Day Holiday, our topic will be: The Importance of Animal Independence and Agency within the Reiki Session CLICK HERE to join online.Dial: +1 605-562-0444Show ID: 85041 Animals’ right to agency and independence within …
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a condor flying in the sky

New Class: Healing Grief with the Help of Animals

I’m super excited to announce the next class in my zoom series with Ricardo Gare: Healing Grief with the Help of Animals Saturday, July 10, 202110-11:30am Pacific time In this class you’ll learn: How condor and hummingbird can help us balance our shadow and our light as we navigate loss.How condors and hummingbirds support our Earth and how we can also help them.Condors and hummingbirds as spiritual teachers and healers of grief. How can they help support us in difficult moments? Plus you’ll be guided in: A transforming meditation with condor and hummingbird energy to help …
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Meet the Recipients of the Dakota Scholarship, July 2021

Thanks to the 50+ of people who sent in applications for the Dakota Scholarship, July 2021! It was just amazing to read your personal stories and about the work you are already doing for animals. I’m so inspired by so many of you in our community 🙂 It was truly difficult to choose recipients, as there were so many beautiful applications. Every single application touched me! I have chosen 3 people to receive scholarships and – this is truly wonderful!!! – 4 of my Licensed Online Teachers have graciously chosen to extend …
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Which Approach Will You Use For Animal Reiki?

Today, I want to share an answer I posted on a FB group for Animal Reiki. The question was:Is Animal Reiki a specific line of Reiki or is it just any Reiki used for animals? Here is my answer, and please feel free to share: Thank you for asking this question, because it is perhaps the most important one we would ever ask. There are two approaches used in Reiki practice today, and each regards method, not essence. As far as the “essence” of doing Reiki for animals, all Reiki and Animal Reiki …
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Helping Senior Animals Plus the Dakota Scholarship

I just create a very special June Animal Reiki Talk! Please CLICK HERE to listen to the recording – this month’s topic: Helping Senior Animals with Animal Reiki Using the 6 Pillars of the Let Animals Lead® method as a guide, I share what animals have shown me about the best ways Animal Reiki can create a supportive, stable, safe spiritual space for our fur kids in their golden years 🙂 In the spirit of June’s Animal Reiki Talk topic, I’m also super excited to announce a very special offering I’ve created in …
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kathleen prasad and reiki teachers on zoom

Meet My Teachers

Since I was a little girl, I always had a joy for teaching. I guess my first memorable teaching experience was helping my sister Charlotte tie her shoe. She was about 4 and I was about 8. And that was quite a challenge since I am left-handed and she is right-handed! We did it though (and I guess that was the start of never walking away from an educational challenge 🙂 ) Although I was a bit of a nerd in high school (LOL) I always managed to make friends with …
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What You’ll Learn in Levels 1, 2 and 3 Animal Reiki Training

Hi All, I’m so grateful to be fully vaccinated and feel hope for things in the US beginning to open up more and more with each passing week! I may do some in person courses locally this summer, but I haven’t set any dates yet (I’m slowly emerging from my cave, LOL). Right now I’m still teaching all my courses online. By the way, I’ve just released my next online certification courses: Level 1 morning and afternoon sessions, and Level 2, morning and afternoon sessions, starting in July! If you’re thinking of …
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