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This page is the place for you to read about all things animal Reiki! You’ll find articles about Reiki’s healing benefits for shelter animals, how Reiki can help heal compassion fatigue in animal caregivers, and even how chocolate can teach us about animal Reiki! There are also several articles about what exactly animal Reiki “is,” including one written especially for vet techs. It’s not always easy to explain animal Reiki to others, but hopefully these articles will shed some clarity on animal Reiki’s meaning and help you in your next Reiki conversation. A common theme throughout many of these articles is the fact that Reiki starts with you, and radiates a beautiful peaceful and compassionate space that helps others to heal as well! CLICK HERE for a supportive audio course, “Heal Yourself, Heal Your Animals,” that will share important tips and powerful techniques for interspecies connection and healing.

a little girl meditating with baby ducklings

6 Types of Meditation that Animal Reiki Teaches

“Meditation is thus a form of centering, which involves our disengagement from the machine of our mind and our resting in the heart.”— Georg Feuerstein The benefits of meditation on our health and wellness are many! Science shows that meditation can help us increase our self-awareness and decrease stress. Meditation can also people manage many chronic diseases such as anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Researchers have shown that meditation actually changes the brain. CLICK HERE to read many more interesting scientific studies that have been done, and just a few…

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a dog patiently resting his paw on a window sill

The Power of Patience to Heal

I hope you all had a safe and simple Thanksgiving celebration last week. We had a wonderful, small vegan feast and visited on Zoom with extended family. It was great to see everyone, and I definitely chose to focus on the many things in my life I am grateful for. However, to be honest, now that we’re in December, looking ahead to the holidays, knowing I can’t visit family as I usually do, is a bit of a bummer. Yet with the new vaccines on the horizon, I know there’s…

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a woman sitting with a cat in front of a pink and orange sunset

Reflecting on Debating from a Reiki Perspective

Thanks to everyone who emailed me with their thoughts and opinions on last week’s Reiki debate, “Can you learn Reiki remotely?” I learned so much from each of your comments, especially the idea that not being able to learn Reiki remotely would prevent people with chronic illness or special needs from learning Reiki at all. I heard some amazing stories of readers whose chronic pain and suffering have been helped so much by the healing benefits of Reiki, only because they were able to learn from the comfort of their…

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a dog cat and rabbit inside a heart made with two hands together

Reiki Debate Part 2: Can You Learn Reiki Remotely?

Thanks to everyone who emailed me your thoughts and opinions about last week’s debate topic (see Reiki Debate Part 1, HERE). I received some amazing and insightful messages from people such as: “It is hard for me to believe that a specific hand position is a prerequisite, but rather a specific ‘soul position.’ “”Yes, holding space is a very real, kind and honourable way to practice. Especially for animals in high distress or sickness.””I have found that by practicing Reiki in this way [the Let Animals Lead® method] it shifted…

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Animal Reiki Professional Development Programs for 2021

Announcing Animal Reiki Professional Development Programs for 2021

Hello friends,I’m super excited to announce my professional development program for 2021! This year’s program is new and improved, with each group meeting monthly instead of quarterly. Both Practitioner and Teacher Excellence programs include Let Animals Lead® teachings on important Animal Reiki topics, time for Q and A and many other member benefits. Membership closes January 10, 2021, and early bird pricing is this week only. Use the coupon code EarlyBird25 at check out to get $25 off either course (or both) if you order by November 2! If you’re…

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Reiki Debate: Is Animal Reiki a Thing?

In the spirit of the season of debate, I’ve been thinking about some of the more heated Reiki discussions I’ve been a part of over the years. Over this week and next, I’ll discuss a couple of contentious topics in the Reiki community. Debate and discussion can actually be a good thing, because it gets multiple ideas out there for contemplation, and it can create more understanding in a world of increasingly polarized views. Plus, without debating and challenging old ideas, our world would never advance. The negative side of…

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an owl tilting its head

Introducing the 2020 Animal Wisdom World Summit!

For 2 WHOLE DAYS, October 12-13, Dr. Cara Gubbins of the Animal Wisdom Circle will be bringing you interviews with 12 inspiring experts (including me!) who have tons of valuable advice to share with you all about Animal Wisdom. I’ll be talking about Letting the Animals Lead. Other experts will be talking all about the wisdom of our pets, the wisdom of wild animals, growing spiritually with animal wisdom, sacred activism, and much, MUCH more! This Summit features some pretty big names in the Animal Wisdom and Personal Growth worlds,…

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kathleen and a cow named honey

Affirmations for Animal Reiki Practitioners

So glad you’re here with me today! In these uncertain times, I’m so grateful for my Animal Reiki practice, and the grounding it brings me every single day. This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Reiki precepts, and how they support my work with animals. I’ve created some special affirmations based on the precepts, and I hope these affirmations support happiness and peace within you and all around you, today and every day. Let Animals Lead® Method Affirmations Based on The Reiki Precepts With daily, mindful attention,I notice…

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vincent the dog laying on the muir beach

September Animal Reiki Classes

There’s nothing like spending time with my dog at the beach. It helps me feel that the world is normal again. Without all my travels to mark the time passing this summer, I can hardly believe it’s almost Fall! As we begin September, we’ll start with a very special Animal Reiki Talk this month: Creating Partnerships with Animals Through the Let Animals Lead® Method. CLICK HERE to listen to the recording. In this month’s talk, I share why it’s so important to see animals as our partners and not to…

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