Happy Halloween! Thank you for sharing my blog’s first week with me. As this week winds down, here are a few things I’m feeling gratitude for today. …

1. Businesses helping animals: Friends, did you see this? TOMS Shoes recently launched an adorable line of shoes to help endangered gorillas in Africa. I really like the white ones! (Too bad I didn’t discover these until summer had already ended.)

2. The bird bath my daughter Indigo and I add water to each day in our back yard. We love to watch the robins and blue jays fluffing out their feathers so sweet in the water.

3. The Marine Mammal Center, a wonderful organization in Sausalito. I am so thankful for their dedication to helping the huge influx of distressed baby seals this year.

4. Baby animals (of course). Check out these beautiful photos of animal babies on Etsy.

5. And finally: Now that it’s nearly November (where has the time gone?), I’m looking forward to some California-style fall weather: brisk mornings and maybe (hopefully!) some rain.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. What are you grateful for today?

{Photo of Dakota © Kathleen Prasad}


6 thoughts on “Gratitude: Five for Friday”

  1. I love to keep a gratitude journal. It is an amazing read, after a time, because I get to see what continually comes up in my list. Mostly the small, personal things. The big things are harder to see, unless I shift my focus. I am taking a step back, this morning, and I see an entire community of tireless shelter workers, and volunteers, demonstrating lovingkindness toward homeless animals. I am grateful for that!

    1. How beautiful, Johnna. Thank you for sharing what you have learned from keeping a gratitude journal. And what a beautiful sight you have today, of all the shelter volunteers and staff helping the animals. Angels on earth 🙂

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