Healing Space Meditation

Here is your free meditation:

Ready to positively shift your energy so you can share peace with the animals you love? 

Practicing this meditation will help you remember to breathe when times are tough. It will also help you develop an open heart, a peaceful mind and a beautiful, healing radiance that can be shared with everyone around you, especially your animals.

Ways to Practice: 

During the day, anytime you feel stressed, remind yourself to breathe. Even one sincere and mindful breath can help to shift your body, mind and emotions back into balance.

Once you have practiced this meditation sitting down with your animals, bring your practice outside into nature: try it while standing outdoors, under a tree in the yard with your dog, in a pasture with your horse or perhaps at a nearby park with the birds.

Next, try this meditation while walking. Consciously take notice of the natural elements and animals around you or practice while you walk your dogs.  Notice how animals respond positively to the shift in your energy.


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