Healing vs. Curing

Animal Reiki Source Newsletter: April, May, June 2011

By Magi Loucks

After becoming certified as a Reiki Master in 2007,  I found that while I wasn’t interested in opening a Reiki practice, I was drawn to the idea of Reiki for animals.  As I began reading whatever I could find on the subject, references to animal communication kept popping up as sort of par for the course.  I had found in my experiences with Reiki that I often received images and ‘knowings’ during a treatment.  While this didn’t exactly surprise me, this idea that practitioners might receive similar messages while treating animals, or even from the animals, was enticing, and began to draw me in.  Dr. Doolittle?  For real??


Emma and Magi © 2008

Over time, as I practiced Reiki on my own animal companion, Emma, I learned some hard lessons about sending energy versus offering Reiki, and the difference between curing and healing.  The first animal communications I consciously attempted were with my girl, and she was not pleased with me.  I was so shocked, and hurt, I stopped.  I believed it because it was certainly not what I had expected in a million years – and of course I knew she loved me – but I wasn’t about to keep at it.  So, I acted like it hadn’t happened and kept trying to send Reiki to her, but she just didn’t seem to be accepting it.  When she started having bladder infections, I sent it even more, but usually she’d leave the room, uninterested.  I was so frustrated, and scared, and as the infections continued and the vets supplied no answers, I fired away, aiming Reiki like a forcible magic wand, willing it to fix her.

As months of veterinary visits and antibiotics and tests went by, and the infections kept coming back, and she developed debilitating arthritis in her spine and hips, something inside me changed.  While I still was intent on fixing her and solving this infuriating health crisis, the intent of sending Reiki seemed to subtly shift.  I just wanted her to feel better.  I wanted her to have some relief.  Miraculously, she began to accept it.  The two of us were always together, going on adventurers or just hanging out, but now, we added Reiki.  We would sit together, just being, just loving, and I would hear her sigh, and see her roll over, calm and peaceful, and I would thank God. 

Emma passed unexpectedly in my arms on the morning of September 11, 2008.   While she had lost a lot of weight and was weak and tired, she did not have any of the symptoms you commonly see with animals nearing death, such as loss of appetite, diarrhea, labored breathing, etc., and her arthritic symptoms had all but disappeared.  I am convinced it is because of Reiki.

The following spring, I was privileged to study with Debbie McGillivray, animal communicator and author.  This afforded me the opportunity to practice and learn from a variety of animals (and species) that I didn’t know and had no emotional involvement with, making it very clear – even to me – that I have an affinity for animal communication and animal Reiki.  It was just a matter of time before I realized that while a Human Reiki practice hadn’t seemed to be calling my name, an Animal Reiki practice had already sprouted roots.

Since then, it seems Reiki had other plans, and as the animal practice has grown, the human practice has developed quite in spite of me, gently evolving into a teaching practice, as well as a focus on children in hospice. 

While miraculous recoveries and repaired injuries are definitely a part of the Reiki story, quality of life is an important one, too.  Emma taught me that Reiki is really about healing.  This is all for her.  Happy Birthday, baby.  BFF.

About the Author: Magi Loucks has been a professional intuitive and energy practitioner since 2002. In 2009, she founded Emma’s Arc, a California nonprofit corporation with the mission to improve the relationship between humans and animals, locally and worldwide. She is a Certified Reiki Teacher in Usui Reiki Ryoho, Usui/Tibetan Reiki, and Animal Reiki, an animal communicator, and a Certified Tarot Master. Magi is a registered Reiki Teacher with IARP, a Shibumi International Reiki Association RP, and a member of the American Tarot Association. Magi offers private intuitive and Reiki sessions, as well as Reiki and Tarot classes, through at

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