Heart to Heart Animal Reiki

Heart to Heart Animal Reiki Online:
Essential Keys for Transformation
Course Theme: Gratitude and Reverence

Do you long to make a difference for animals in the world?

Do you aspire to live each and every day with gratitude and reverence?

Do you want to uncover the hidden healing power of your very own heart?

In this groundbreaking six-lesson video course, Kathleen gives you simple Reiki meditations to help you move from anxiety to gratitude and from scattered stress to focused reverence.

This course will help you remember the infinite healing power inside your heart: the power of love and compassion. From simple practices that will improve your grounding and energetic balance, to understanding how animals can help you overcome fear and expand your mind, this course will unlock the doors to healing and personal transformation and will change the way you see yourself and animals forever!

Course Features:

Strengthen your connection to animals, to love and to healing, with this special course that is the first of its kind in the field of Animal Reiki!

Learn from the world’s leading expert in Reiki for animals, Kathleen Prasad. Through Kathleen’s inspiring stories, photos and videos “in the field,” from the comfort of your own home.  This course can open the door to a new life filled with deeper relationships with animals and infinite healing potential!

Lesson Videos to Help You On Your Animal Reiki Healing Journey

View lessons at your convenience: this course includes six hour-long videos that include personal teaching with the authority in the field of Animal Reiki, Kathleen Prasad, who shares captivating videos and compelling photos to illustrate her unique animal Reiki teachings and one-of-a-kind approach.

Conquer Fear and Expand your Mind

Kathleen will guide you through special Reiki meditations to help you stay in gratitude and reverence, even when facing enormous challenges.  

Decipher the Language of Your Heart

Translate the language of your beautiful heart, one that is always there but is easy to forget. Learn ways to translate this language for healing for the animals you love most.

Unleash your Inner Peace

Be guided to look more deeply into your inner state of being and the way you see moments of struggle. You’ll learn how to connect with animals to strengthen yourself and become more present with an open heart, for both inner and outer peace and harmony.

Gain Confidence in a New Way 

These practices will help ground you, energize you, expand your mind and connect from the heart in ways that will truly transform your life.

Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: The key to knowing yourself: the power of your own heart.

Lesson 2: The keys that clarify how Reiki creates infinite healing possibility.

Lesson 3: The key to facing healing challenges with gratitude and reverence.

Lesson 4:  The key to grounding, presence and mindfulness.

Lesson 5:  The key to expanding our minds and seeing with our hearts.

Lesson 6:  The keys to bringing Reiki healing into every part of your life.

If you’re ready to open the door to a new life of heart to heart healing connections with animals, this online course is for you!

Heart to Heart Animal Reiki Online:
Essential Keys for Transformation
Course Theme: Gratitude and Reverence
Available On-Demand

Cost:  $249

Mail to:
Animal Reiki Source
369-B Third St., #156
San Rafael, CA 94901 

Open to all animal lovers.
Give the gift of healing: tell a friend!
All graduates receive a beautiful certificate of completion.

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