Here’s How to Properly Use the Let Animals Lead® Trademark

Let Animals Lead® is trademarked to distinguish this method from any other method of practice in the Reiki and Animal Reiki world. This trademark also helps protect the reputation of me, Kathleen Prasad, and my educational academy, Animal Reiki Source. However, I want to share this method with as many of my students as possible, to support your work in the community.

As my student, trained in my method of Animal Reiki, you have legal permission to use the Let Animals Lead® trademark on your website and in your professional materials if and only if, you abide by the rules below:

1) Every instance that you use the words Let Animals Lead®, you must always use the ® and follow it with the words “method of Animal Reiki” or just the word “method”

2) Every instance you use the words Let Animals Lead®, you must cite me (Kathleen Prasad) as the owner of the copyright. Otherwise the implication is that you, yourself, own the copyright and have created the method of practice. This can cause confusion in clients seeking to do business with you. You must cite me by adding the words, “created by Kathleen Prasad,” or “created by Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source®,” or “Kathleen Prasad’s Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki,” etc.

Places I recommend you use the Let Animals Lead® method trademark:

Your Bio: It’s important for you to let people know your professional training in Reiki and Animal Reiki, and set yourself apart from others with this special method.

Your Philosophy, mission or “About Animal Reiki” sections of your materials: There are many ways to practice Animal Reiki, and this is an important place to distinguish yourself from others and emphasize the respect, honor and choice you give to the animals you work with.

Inspired to follow the Let Animals Lead® method in your professional Animal Reiki practice? These online courses will provide a strong foundation: Start with the “Introduction to the Let Animals Lead® Method,” continue with “Animals Should Always Lead Reiki,” and finish with “Best Practice Guidelines for Professional Practitioners.” These 3 courses together will cover everything you need to have the courage to let go and Let Animals Lead®!

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