A very special event occurred in July of 2003. I found Hope – and brought her “home!” That day, God blessed us both with a bond and a love – only we could know. Perhaps because she was already so old, we cherished each and every day we had together and wished that it would last forever. But she was more than just old – she was special.

ilm_hope-bigHope was here for 1 year, 2 months and 16 days. In many ways, far to short a time – yet for an old mistreated dog, left to wander the streets and then face a terrible fate at an animal shelter in NJ – this was her very special “lifetime” – the one she longed for and deserved.

This past Sunday, Hope made her final journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Like my other old Sammy girls, Hope was an Angel – but it turned out she was my very own “Angel” – pointing me in directions I never knew existed. A big part of my heart went with her on Sunday, but she left a big part of hers with me.

Dear Hope, I missed you the moment you left. Thank you, Angel girl and…God Speed. I love you!

Joan Brooks

Hope went to the “Bridge” on Sunday, October 3, 2004

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