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One of my clients was a 19-year-old cat named Boo, whom I never met in person but sent regular distant treatments. Boo’s health had been gradually deteriorating following a stroke-like seizure in 1997. Due to his fragile condition, he wasn’t a candidate for any kind of surgery, and it wasn’t possible to establish with certainty the exact cause of his problems. He had experienced a short seizure in early 2003, but there was nothing further the vet could do for him. His person was advised that further “neurological events” were likely, and that Boo probably wouldn’t survive much longer.

Around this time, after seeing a PBS program about alternative medicine that featured Reiki, Boo’s person contacted me to see if Reiki could help him. A distant treatment was tried, and Boo showed noticeable improvement the next day.

Using a stuffed animal as a surrogate, I began offering Boo weekly distant treatments. He was able to live another six months in relative comfort. I learned much from these treatments about his specific health issues. For example, one treatment I gave caused pain in my hand when I did his back right leg. The next day when I spoke by phone to his person, she shared that he had been having weakness in that leg recently. During another treatment, I felt pain in my fingertips when I did his right ear. The person confirmed that he was having difficulty with yeast in that ear. It was quite amazing how powerful distant healing felt not only to Boo, but also to me.

Each time he received a treatment, his person told me that he improved markedly, got a special “glow” and seemed more “there.” He slept soundly during the treatments, and never failed to vocalize first thing the next morning with his distinctive sounds of pleasure. Distant Reiki treatment provided a way to significantly improve Boo’s quality of life without any of the discomfort and stress involved in taking him out of his familiar surroundings. Although these regular treatments weren’t a cure for his health issues, Boo responded so well that his human was inspired to learn Reiki herself so that she could support him with daily treatments. Six months after his first Reiki treatment, Boo peacefully made his transition while at home with his person.

– Kathleen

– – p. 200 Excerpted from Animal Reiki, Ulysses Press 2006.

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