In Loving Memory Buddy


By Julie Schmitz

I lay there beside you in this memory, in this dreamI
reach out to touch you
Our hearts become seams

clients_buddy-bigWhat is it you needed that brought us to meet?
Or was it my longing your Soul came to greet….

Love made our matter…Its energy profound
My heart is affected
My spirit you have found

We speak without language
Our feelings all unwound
A dance without music
A silence within sound

We live in our moments
We float above ground
The night will befall us
Yet our seams remain bound

Through storms and a darkness
We steer through this fight
One of us is leaving
I search for the light

My heart becomes heavy
Clouds scatter my mind
Let’s go back to our moments
Don’t leave me behind……….

Without you I wander,
I’m raveled in pain
Please tell me my weeping is cleansing like rain………..

I died there beside you,
Life isn’t the same
But Our seams are not broken….
.My heart is your name…………………

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