Join me in celebrating World Animal Reiki Day!

I’m so excited for tomorrow: The inaugural World Animal Reiki Day will finally be here! This special day, organized by me and the volunteer members of my Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA), is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to help make a better future for the animals in our world. The day is celebrated on February 5 to honor Dakota Prasad, the special puppy (pictured above) I rescued from animal control. Dakota was my best friend, my first animal Reiki teacher and the inspiration behind SARA—and February 5 was his birthday.

Let’s celebrate together! You are invited to join me at BrightHaven animal sanctuary and hospice in California on February 5 for a special World Animal Reiki Day event. I will also be on Google+ for a live message of healing and light for the global Reiki community. I truly hope to see you there!

Another way to celebrate: Today is the last day to enter and vote in the World’s Most Adorable Reiki Animal Photo Contest (details on my Facebook page). Share a photo of the cutest animal you’ve offered Reiki to; the winner will receive three of my books, signed by me, as well as a complimentary distant animal Reiki treatment (a $100 value).

My heart is already bursting with love and light, thanks to all of the messages and support from my tribe around the world. I already know the day is going to be an incredible success: Here’s a sampling of some of the upcoming World Animal Reiki Day events happening internationally (and if you have one to add, include it in the comments below):

February 4

Santa Catarina, Brazil – Reiki Therapy – Prof. Ligia Maria Montoya

February 5

Los Angeles, CA – Meditation/Healing Circle – Robin Skov
Santa Rosa, CA – Animal Reiki Share/Live Broadcast at BrightHaven – Kathleen Prasad
Apopka, FL – Meditation at The C.A.R.E.  Foundation – Kelly McDermott-Burns
Makawao, Maui, HI – Intro to Animal Reiki/Meditation at Haku Baldwin Center – Allison Chun
Methuen, MA – Meditation at Nevis Farm – Nancy Wood
Cincinnati, OH – Meditation at Ohio Alley Cat Resource – Mel Mutter
Oklahoma City, OK – Animal Reiki Workshop/Benefit at Oklahoma City Animal Shelter – Karren O’Sullivan
Portland, OR – Meditation at Oregon Zoo – Victoria Kress
Asbury, NJ – Intro to Reiki Workshop – Bill Stevens
Brielle, NJ – World Animal Reiki Day event – Michele Daniels
Braircliff Manor, NY – Treatments for animals at SPCA Westchester – Jeanne Clune
Long Island, NY – Group Meditation – Sheryl Schlameuss Berger
Mamaroneck, NY – Pet Rescue – Sylvie Fremont
Appleton, WI – Meditation/Presentation at Saving Paws Animal Rescue – Ann Noyes

Perth, W. Australia – Reiki Treatments at Cat Haven – Carolyn Tretheway
Penha, SC, Brazil – Intro to Animal Reiki/Reiki sessions – Ligia Maria Montoya
Manitoba, Canada – Meditation at Craig Street Cats – Carol McQuarrie
Ontario, Canada – Reiki Meditation/Presentation at The Homestead – Monique MacMillan
Norfolk, England – TOLFA Fundraiser – Tina Read
Glasgow, Scotland – TOLFA and Cleo’s Mutley Crew Benefit at Pet Empawrium/Champion Vets
UK – Animal Reiki Share – Aileen Naismith

February 6

Davis, CA – Intro to Animal Reiki at PreetiRang Sanctuary – Joannie Nyman-Loobey and Cathy O’Brien
San Gabriel, CA – Introduction to Animal Reiki at SGVH – Lisa Hughes
Freehold, NJ – Animal Reiki I at Monmouth County SPCA – Bill Stevens

February 7

Glasgow, Scotland – Reiki Meditation/Share – Alison McKinnon

I am so excited for tomorrow and the coming week filled with World Animal Reiki Day events! Thank you for joining us on this special day of love and compassion for animals. Tell me, how will you be celebrating World Animal Reiki Day?

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