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Join the Movement

Become an Animal Reiki Ambassador

Are you looking for a profound way to help animals in need?

Has an animal ever brought healing to your life?

Have you wished you could do the same in return?

Are you ready to rediscover the awesome power of your healing heart?

Are you interested in exploring the healing benefits of meditating with animals for yourself, for animals and for the world?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, you are ready to join the movement and become an Animal Reiki Ambassador! Kathleen calls all her students ambassadors, because of her passion and commitment to community service. Studying with her will teach you everything you need to know to share ethical and compassionate heart to heart healing with animals and their people in both private and professional settings.

The Animal Reiki Source Academy

The Animal Reiki Source Academy is the educational center of Animal Reiki Source and offers a variety of inspiring learning options, including on-site workshops and online courses; or learn at your own pace through Kathleen Prasad’s audios and books. Animal Reiki as taught by the pioneer of the Animal Reiki movement, Kathleen, is suitable to share anywhere and to support any healing issue, and can be used with even the most sensitive animals and people.

Take your first step today, by joining an upcoming class.


Why Study with Kathleen?

When your animals lead you to Reiki, follow your heart to Kathleen and Animal Reiki Source, where you will find only the most insightful and effective animal Reiki teachings for heart to heart healing with animals.

Kathleen Prasad, founder of Animal Reiki Source and president of The Shelter Animal Reiki Association, is the world’s leading Animal Reiki Teacher and a trailblazer in the animal Reiki movement. Based on twenty years of her own professional Reiki training as well as practice with thousands of animals, Kathleen’s unique Let Animals Lead approach and philosophy of Animal Reiki is extremely special, invoking, through meditation, the heart’s power of healing through compassion. Sharing Reiki with animals creates a space of infinite healing possibility. Practicing Kathleen’s innovative Animal Reiki techniques will strengthen your energetic foundation and expand your intuitive wisdom, completely transforming your relationship with all species.

Become an Animal Reiki Ambassador by learning from Kathleen’s books, audios or classes and make a real difference for animals in need!

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