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Kathleen Prasad's Journey
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Kathleen Prasad has always had an animal at her side as her best friend. A natural empath, she was able to intuit the moods and feelings of the animals around her as early as three years old. As a young child she was nicknamed “Jiminy Cricket” for her compassion and conscience towards the world around her.

Her first exposure to energetic practices came in 1995 when she began to study two forms of Martial Arts with The Shaolin Wudang Association: Wing Chun and Hung Gar. She studied with the school for eight years, eventually becoming a senior student (si-je).

In 1998 she learned the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage for Reiki 1. She continued her training in the Reiki Alliance lineage with Reiki 2 in 1999. From her very first class, Kathleen immediately began a daily practice of self-healing and practice with others, including regularly volunteering Reiki with local shelter animals. As her work with animals and Reiki expanded (her own dog Dakota was her first “Reiki” animal and greatest animal teacher) her future career path as animal Reiki teacher began to show itself.

In 2005, Kathleen met Gail and Richard Pope, co-founders of BrightHaven, a sanctuary and hospice for senior and special needs animals. Soon after their meeting, Kathleen trained their staff and volunteers in Reiki and now teaches monthly Reiki classes to the public at BrightHaven, donating 50% of proceeds back to them. BrightHaven’s core healing program for their animals centers around the guiding principles of love, homeopathy and Reiki. Kathleen considers Gail and the BrightHaven family (animals and people) a profound influence on her understanding of the animals’ energetic journeys through senior years, the dying process and beyond.

In 2006, Kathleen began to delve more deeply into the Japanese roots and techniques of the system of Reiki. At Animal Reiki Source, Kathleen combines her understanding of the traditional Japanese practices of Reiki with her knowledge of how best to approach animals with respect, openness and humility.

In May 2008, Kathleen and Leah D’Ambrosio co-founded a not-for-profit corporation, The Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA), the goal of which is to bring Reiki to shelters and sanctuaries across the world. SARA is dedicated to the memory of her dear dog Dakota, who was adopted from a shelter. SARA is Kathleen’s most ambitious Reiki project to date, but she is sure that it is not her last!

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