Kokoiresize 550

Ki Koi was a very sick fish in January 2004, in fact so sick that her person was afraid she wouldn’t make it. She was not responding to the medicine she was given, and was listless and refused to eat. She was so tiny, that her person knew if she didn’t eat soon, she would die. When Kathleen began the Reiki treatment, Ki Koi was very still and propped at a 45 degree angle at the bottom of the water.

Her gills fluttered weakly. From the very beginning of the treatment, Kathleen felt the energy flowing very strongly to Ki Koi’s tiny body. By the middle of the treatment, the little fish had slowly moved to the glass to be near her hands. By the end of the treatment, she was moving around the water more and her gills pulsed stronger and more regularly.

Ki Koi’s person emailed Kathleen soon after the treatment to let her know that right after the treatment, the tiny Koi had eaten two worms for the first time in 2 days! She already appeared much improved and on the road to recovery.

Nearly a year later, Ki Koi has now grown from less than an inch long to almost three inches in size. In fact, she has grown to be bigger than the other older Koi in the same tank! We can’t help but wonder and marvel about Reiki’s role, not only in her quick recovery, but also in her present health and size:) Thanks, Reiki!!

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