Dearest Lucas, We remember your bright energy and beauty and wish you blessings as your spirit now flies free in light and love.
One of the horses I treat on an occasional basis, Lucas, is a beautiful chestnut Thoroughbred. He often loves hands-on Reiki, especially if he has a particular ache or pain that needs special attention. He also is a very opinionated horse and let me know on one occasion that he was not open to Reiki that day.

He had recently had dental work and, in the past, when he had Reiki after such work, he would put his mouth gently into my hands for the treatment.

I approached him in his paddock, as I always do, asked permission and lowered my hands as I prepared to begin the treatment. He was relaxing on the opposite side of the paddock.

When he saw me, however, he walked briskly over and bit the air near my hands: first one palm and then the other. This behavior was new and strange to me, so it took me a minute to process the fact that he was saying, “No!” And in that moment, he actually turned around and cocked a hind leg at me, as if to say, “Is this clearer to you? Leave me alone!” I apologized to him and promptly left his paddock. He watched me go, then returned to the far corner and resumed his nap. I could tell that he was not feeling well, sore from the dental work, but obviously he just wasn’t open to Reiki.

The next day was a completely different story. I returned and asked permission again. This time, he nudged me with his head, put his sore teeth into my hands, and took a deep sigh before falling asleep.

– Kathleen

– – p. 36 Excerpted from Animal Reiki, Ulysses Press 2006.

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